These Tips will Make your Nail Paint Application Easier

These Tips will Make your Nail Paint Application Easier – Do you always struggle to paint your nails perfectly? Here I am giving you awesome nail paint tricks which can help you and These Tips will Make your Nail Paint Application More Easier. Many of us suffer from dry and chipped nails. It creates problem in nail paint application. I used to suffer with these problems, but after some research I have found some new tricks for painting my nails. These tricks will prove helpful to you and you can easily avoid the problem you face while painting your nails. Apart from this, many girls want to try nail art but lack of perfection becomes the problem. So girls, first you must know the basics, when you become perfect in basic tricks of painting nails, you can make your ideas vast. and show your creativity in nail art. So here I am trying to give basic tricks which can make your nail paint application easier and attractive too. These tricks are specially for those who are crazy for nail art because they will help you to make the nails look elegant. These Tips will Make your Nail Paint Application Easier.. check out below!

These Tips will make your nail paint application more easier

These Tips will Make your Nail Paint Application Easier

Three Perfect Coats

Paint 3 Perfect Coats

You must paint your nails with three coats of your nail paint. It gives perfect color and the color will last long. Make sure that when you are painting your nails, you should use thin layer not thick one. Thin layers make your nails perfectly painted. If you use thick layers, it will look so creepy. So never use thick layers of nail paint. Try to use three thin layers of the nail paint. Never use those nail paints which become dry easily, they can harm the nails.

Use Base Coat

Use Base Coat
Before and after the painting of your nails you must use the base coat. It adhere the paint for long time on your nails. You must use the base coats which has creamy texture. It should look totally transparent also. It gives perfect shine to your nails and makes the layers smooth. When you paint your nails first with base coat, you can easily paint thin and smooth layers of paint on your nails easily. So you must keep this transparent base nail polish in your beauty box.

Use Cuticle Oil

Use Cuticle Oil
Cutting of cuticles can harm your nails, so you must avoid this. You should use cuticles oil to remove the extra cuticles from your nails. It will moisturize your nails as well as provide glow to them. You can also use the cuticle oil to remove the paint which is spread on your cuticles. Otherwise, just take an ear bud, dip it into the nail remover and clean the extra paint from the edges.

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Use Ice Cold Water

Use Ice Cold Water
After painting your nails, dip your fingers into the ice cold water. It will lock the paint on your nails. This trick increases the staying power of your nail paint. Ice cold water is best for making the nail paint last long. Just take ice cubes and little water in a bowl then dip your fingers into this for few minutes. It works really well.

So These Tips will Make your Nail Paint Application Easier. Do try them to see the result for yourself 🙂

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