Tips to Protect Hair from Humidity

Summer is in full flow in India. In a country like India, summer climate is hot and humid. Humidity is the biggest enemy of our hair. Humidity in the air wreck havoc on our hair! Curly hair goes frizzy and straight hair becomes limp. Summer days are complete nightmare for our hair! Heat and humidity, combined with sweat take its toll on our hair and our soft, smooth, completely manageable hair becomes dull, frizzy, limp and what’s not!! So lets check my post on Tips to Protect Hair from Humidity.
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Humid hair

Often we walk out of the house with neatly styled hair and within an hour the heat and humidity mess it up completely!! What a pathetic condition. Isn’t it?  It’s true that you can’t control the weather. But you can of course protect your hair. Here we have come up with few tricks and tips that will save your hair from airborne humidity and heat. So let’s check them out:

Keep it natural to Protect Hair from Humidity

The most important step to deal with the humidity of summer is to go with natural look. Don’t straighten too much or go overboard with hair styling, because using too many hair styling products or tools can cause unwanted damage to the hair. Therefore, natural style is the best way to avoid hair damage.

Wash regularly to Protect Hair from Humidity

Humidity and sweat go hand in hand. Humidity not only causes our body to sweat, but our scalp also gets sweaty and if you have oily scalp, then things get worse. Sweat in your scalp damages the root of your hair and causes hair fall. So wash hair regularly, at least once in every couple of days.

Moisturizing Shampoo to Protect Hair from Humidity

Dry hair tends to get more effected by humidity. So make sure to deep condition your tresses. If possible, use a deep conditioning hair mask regularly. Mix milk cream, yogurt and a whole egg. Mix well and apply the pack on the hair. Leave it on for 30-45 minutes and wash off with shampoo. Invest in a good moisturizing shampoo. Look for shampoos that contain natural oils, vitamins and minerals. Once you are done with washing your hair, give your hair a cold splash, which means rinse your hair with cold water. This process seals the hair cuticles & the pores, as well as prevents the moisture in the air to cause any damage to the hair. Don’t rub the hair too hard with towel (post wash), because that will rough up the cuticle again, making hair frizzy. Use an old t-shirt instead.

Leave in conditioner and hair serums to Protect Hair from Humidity

Instead of normal hair conditioners, opt for leave in conditioners. Leave in conditioners are great to fight frizziness. Also look out for silicon based hair serums. Silicon is water resistant, therefore silicon based serums protect our hair from atmospheric humidity. Hair becomes less frizzy.

No hair driers please to Protect Hair from Humidity

Hair driers are very essential part of our daily life. On a hectic day, they act as our savior. But when the weather is humid, try to avoid using your drier. The heat from hair drier ends up dehydrating our locks, making our hair much more prone to frizziness. Air dry your hair as much as possible.

Keep your hair long to Protect Hair from Humidity

During summer, most of us chop off our hair to avoid frizziness and drying out. But it’s never the best solution. Shorter hair tends to get frizzier comparing to longer hair. Longer hair is heavier and this weight prevents hair from getting curled up.

If you follow these simple yet very effective tricks and tips, it won’t be too difficult to turn your bad hair days into good hair days. So get ready to rock this summer and don’t shy away from flaunting your long, beautiful ‘shining glory’. Hope you like the post. Don’t forget to comment below 🙂

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