Tips To Make Mehandi Dark

Henna or Mehandi has a lot of significance in India. Mehandi has become a part of Indian tradition. Indian women decorate their hands and legs with beautiful mehandi design during various events and festivities. Mehandi is considered to be something very auspicious in Indian culture. A traditional Indian wedding is incomplete without mehandi. Mehandi is basically creating beautiful intricate designs on hands and legs (sometimes). These mehendi designs look best when they left a dark color. Simply applying mehandi won’t give you that dark stain. There are few tricks to make mehandi dark. So check out my post on tips to make mehandi dark.
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Tips to make mehandi dark

As a bride we do so many things to put our best look forward on our D-Day. Lots of skincare, haircare, parlor sessions, quite a few round of shopping to get the perfect outfit and shoes..all are done with the aim to look at our best on our wedding day. And even when all else falls in place, there is a common worry for all Indian brides is “will I get a dark mehandi?” There is a reason for it. According to popular belief, if the bride’s mehandi has left a dark stain, she will get immense love from her husband. And in some cases, people believe the darker the bride’s mehandi, the more she will be liked by her mother-in-law. So you can easily understand, how important it is to get a dark mehandi stain for the brides. And even if we leave these superstitions aside,  dark mehandi looks beautiful always. So read on to know few tips to make mehandi dark.

dark mehandi

Take a Look at These Tried and Tested tips to Make Mehandi Dark 

  1. First thing first. Get a quality mehandi cone if you are applying mehandi at home. If the mehandi is of poor quality, then no tricks are enough to get a dark stain.
  2. Make sure your hands, arms and other parts of your body where you want to have your mehandi done is free from lotion or oil. Otherwise they will form a thin coating over the skin and thus a barrier is formed between the skin and mehandi.
  3. Apply the mehandi and let it dry. Once your mehandi is dry to touch, apply the lemon sugar mixture (boil some sugar in water and let it cool. Add few drops of fresh lemon juice) couple of times on the dried mehandi with a cotton ball. This will help mehandi stick to the skin. Sugar helps for deeper penetration while lemon contributes towards better dye release and deeper mehandi color.
  4. Now once you are done with applying the lemon sugar mixture, get a tawa or pan on the stove, warm it up and put some cloves on it. Carefully run your hands over the fumes of the cloves. This fume will help the lemon sugar mixture to dry up. After this you can scrape off the henna or leave it for some more time.
  5. Make sure you leave your henna for as long as possible or at least for 7-8 hours. And never wash your hands with water to remove henna, instead rub your palms together to scrape off the dried henna.
  6. Once you scrape off the dried henna, apply some Vicks, tiger balm or beeswax balm on your mehandi for deeper and darker color.
  7. Don’t do any kind of household work for at least 24 hours.
  8. Make sure you choose a thicker design for darker mehandi.
  9. Once you get your mehandi done, avoid water (to come in contact of your palms) as much as you can for the next 48 hours. If this becomes impossible, apply a generous amount of coconut oil or shea butter on the design before touching water.

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So friends, getting a dark henna stain is little difficult, but it’s worth the trouble. Follow these tips for beautiful dark mehendi that is bound to catch everyone’s eye.

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