Tips to Care Your Feet because Monsoon Coming

Tips to Care Your Feet because Monsoon Coming – Hello Everyone! How are you? Monsoon is coming. Oh it finally rained in Delhi some days back. It seemed the weather god finally smiled on us and showered his blessings on us. And finally we got some respite from the cold. So, Today my post is about Tips to Care Your Feet because Monsoon Coming. In past some days different parts of India have seen happy happy weather. Most of us have received rains and it was such a welcoming break from this rising temperature. Summer is my favorite season because you get to wear such cute short clothes and also you have a lot of time in your hand to roam around all day. But this kind of ever increasing heat had made me question my choice. I was thinking of enjoying monsoons thoroughly with all the greenery and the cool weather around. It will be such clouds lurking on your head and you are playing under the drizzling drops. But one thought crossed my mind suddenly that how to take care of your skin, hairs and feet during monsoons. Because in monsoons what happen is that you get very little of sunlight and most of your clothes or hair is in moist condition. So, if you don’t take proper condition then can really smell. And feet thus are a major concern. So, let me tell you some of the easy Tips to Care Your Feet because Monsoon Coming.

Tips to Care Your Feet beacause Monsoon Coming

Tips to Care Your Feet because Monsoon Coming

Dry your Foot Wear

In monsoon your foot wears are bound to get wet. So, the first thing you do as soon as you get back home is to allow them to get dry. It’s better to dry them in sunlight once. This will not only prevent any bacteria but also will avoid the pungent smell too.


Apply foot cream

Moisturization is the key to happy feet all year round. But in monsoon it is specifically important. So, always use a foot cream before you go to bed.

Pedicure Time

Feet Pedicure

Monsoon is meant for pedicure. The roads are so dirty that your feet are bound to get dirty no matter how much you try to avoid it. So, make it a point to go for pedicure once a month in monsoon season.

Keep your Toe Nails Shorter

Since there is so much dirt and mud in monsoon some of them will definitely get stuck on your nails. And it can cause serious foot infections too. So, it’s best to keep your nails short and cut them regularly.

Washing is really Important 

As soon as you land home try to open your shoes and rush to washroom to wash your legs. It is because that way all the dirt and mud will not cause infections.

Open Foot Wears

Open Foot Wears

In monsoon try to avoid closed foot wears. There are more chances of pungent smell in closed foot wears than the open ones. Also, try to use the elevated heels ones than the flat ones as that can attract mud to your feet.

Avoid Walking Barefoot 

Avoid walking barefoot

Walking barefoot is really healthy but not in monsoon. It is because there is dirt and mud all round.


Use foot scrub

Scrubbing should be a regular part of your foot care in monsoon. It will remove all the dead cells from your feet.

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Use Essential Oils 

Use Essential Oils

Monsoons are the perfect time to pamper your feet. Use any of your favorite essential oils and see the effect it has on your feet.

Let it be Dry

Feet Care Tips

Not only drying your footwear is important but drying your feet is equally important. So, soak the feet in towel and let it air dry for some time.

These were some of the Tips to Care Your Feet because Monsoon Coming. Let me what all different things you guys do to take care of your feet during monsoon in the comments down below.

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