Tips for Soft and Beautiful Hands

[kkstarratings]The most used part of the body, yet most neglected are our hands. Tips for Soft and Beautiful Hands is important post for those who loves to take care of hand. They do so much for us, but we still take them for granted. In addition to the harsh weather, pollutants, we subject them to much more harassment than any other part of the body. Be it while washing clothes, dishing utensils or cleaning or working hard, they are constantly being roughed up by harsh detergents or chemicals.

Tips for Soft and Beautiful Hands

Perhaps, the most precious gift for giving is being treated with negligence and we are unaware of it. However, it is time to take cues from the remedies listed below and extend our gratitude to them.

Be gentle

For soft and beautiful hands, one need not spend thousands on manicures. A little care and protection is all that calls for its daily care. While washing, choose a mild soap or liquid to cleanse your hands. Slather a gentle moisturising cream or Vaseline to replenish the lost moisture every time you wash your hand or before going to bed.

Wear Gloves

Protect them by wearing rubber gloves while washing clothes and utensils, gardening and any other activity that involves harsh chemicals. This will prevent cracked fingertips and brittle nails.


Scrubbing hands once a week is good to rid the hands of dead cells. It will also enhance the cell renewal process. If dry skin, try using sea salt as a scrub.


Soaking hands in lukewarm water or milk is another way of strengthening the nails. Just 10-15 minutes daily task will strengthen them!


Massage is a wonderful way to stimulate blood circulation in your hands. Spread some cream on the back of your hand and rub it gently with the other back of your hand. Repeat the same for other hand. A few days of this exercise will make your hands soft and smooth.

Calcium Supplements

White spots on nails are a signal of nutritional deficiencies or some nail trauma. To tackle the problem, take calcium supplements or foods rich in calcium and Vitamin C. Meanwhile, allow the nails to outgrow and then trim them to get rid of the yellowness or the white spots. Also, avoid aggressive manicure during this time. Moisturising with Vitamin E oil and applying an antifungal nail polish such as Ciclopirox can help hide the white spots.

Say no to some habits

Nail biting, digging, scratching or peeling can also cause brittleness, so say goodbye to those bad habits and resort to some other means to vent out your anxiousness.

Kitchen Remedies

Kitchen counter ingredients can sometimes save that manicure bill. Coconut oil, olive oil, glycerine, honey, milk cream are all natural moisturisers that would do wonder to soften your pretty hands.


Lastly, focus on your diet. What you eat is important, so grab those soya products that are rich in protein. Eat more Vitamin B and other vitamin supplements to strengthen the nails. Remember healthy and strong nails are a result of a good diet and a little love.

Even now when you are reading this article, your hands are playing an important role, be it in using the mouse, or pressing the keyboard buttons. So pamper these super active organs with the above-mentioned pointers and discover soft supple and beautiful hands!

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