Tips for Skin Dryness

Hi Friends, People often complain of skin dryness and opt for varied beauty products to cure it. Some people, the problem is worse than just a general tight, dry feeling: They get skin so dry it results in flaking, cracking, even ecezme (in which the skin becomes inflamed). It doesn’t matter if you heat your home using oil, wood, or electricity. The skin gets dry.  Tips for boosting your skin care regimen, so that your skin stays moist and healthy through the all months.

Tips for Skin Dryness

Avoiding long, hot shower bath or drinking at least two litres of water can help you rid the problem.

  • Drink plenty of water – Experts recommended to drink two litres of water every day. Drinking plenty of water will ensure your body can produce the minerals it needs to function properly.
  • Avoid long, hot shower bath – True, that hot water bath relieves stress but it can also make your skin dry. Hot water reduces natural oils from body much faster than lukewarm or cold water.

  • Use a gentle cleanser or shower gel with moisturiser – Cleanser or nice shower gels make skin smoother and removes dryness.

  • Use good moisturiser – If face is moisturisd properly using a good moisturiser, it helps make skin soft and smooth. Moisturisers lock in moisture and help reduce dryness.
  • Eat healthy – Food items or ingredients like fish (salmon and sardines), flax and walnuts help maintain body’s natural oils. Eat food items, which contain Omega-3 acids that produce natural oil and minerals to keep your body healthy.
  • Exfoliate – Dry skin can produce dead skin cells so it is important to exfoliate weekly to get rid of these cells so your body can produce new ones.

Hope friends this super easy tips will help you a lot..  🙂

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  1. Very good info 🙂

  2. got dry skin, life savior rules you mentioned 🙂

  3. Nice tips. I have extremely dry skin and with cold weather already in Pune I have started to feel the pinch

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