Tips to Avoid Premature Graying of Hair

Hey lovely people I am back with another post on Tips to Avoid Premature Graying of Hair. Due to stress, pollution, lack of a proper hair care regimen and our growing fondness towards use of synthetic products, it is very common to spot young people with prematurely graying strands of hair. It causes serious embarrassment as everybody you know does not hesitate from pointing those grey strands out… Agree? Covering up the grays synthetically is easy but did it ever occur to you that you can actually take certain precautions and turn to nature to help you prevent your hair from turning gray.

Tips to Avoid Premature Graying of HairTips to Avoid Premature Graying of Hair

While hair color and dyes present themselves to be a sure shot and quick fix ways of treating the graying hair woes. None of the brand tells you, however, about the fact that these all have scary side effects like: thinning out of hair strands , split ends and hair fall. Not to mention, these are heavy on pocket and need frequent reapplications.

Given below are some of the ways to cover up your graying hair naturally and avoid untimely graying of your crowning beauty. I agree that these remedies have to followed religiously and regularly to get the desired results but are surely safe and free from side effects. Not only will these home remedies keep your hair darker for longer but will also make your hair glossier and healthier. Read on for more.

  • Avoid use of too many styling products and strong chemical based shampoos, as far as possible. Instead, rely on milder herb based shampoos.
  • Use a solution of strong black tea mixed with salt on the roots of your hair. Let it stay on your hair for 45 minutes to one hour. Wash off with plain water.
  • Warm up some olive oil. To this, add crushed garlic cloves and black pepper corns. Apply onto the roots of hair after the potion gets reasonably cool to apply on scalp.
  • Use fresh Mayonnaise as a hair pack for glossy black hair.
  • Warm oils penetrate your hair strands better and help in improving the hair texture while also preventing them from turning grey at an early age.
  • Consume fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin B. You may also take vitamin supplements after consulting your doctor.
  • Take pro biotic yoghurt daily.
  • Warm up some curry leaves in coconut out. Strain and cool down this potion before applying to your hair. Leave overnight.
  • Make a hair pack by mixing equal quantities of henna powder, amla powder and coffee powder and adding a little water. This paste is applied on the roots and lengths of hair. Let it stay till it gets dried completely. Wash off using a mild shampoo.
  • You can also use amla pulp on your hair as it acts as an antioxidant and prevents graying hair.
  • Make a hair pack by mixing ground black coffee and any deep conditioner on your hair. Leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with plain water.
  • Apply freshly extracted Onion juice on your scalp and roots of the hair. Onion is believed to stimulate the secretion of an antioxidant substance called catalase. This delays graying of hair. Leave on onion juice for 30 minutes and then rinse off.
  • Eat black sesame seeds regularly. These are supposed to stimulate the activity of melanocytes and impart pigmentation to hair. Applying warm sesame oil to hair also works in a similar way.
  • Squeeze out the content of some vitamin E capsules and use this to massage your scalp. Leave it overnight and wash off the next morning.

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