Things to Remember When Planning Your Mehendi

Things to Remember When Planning Your Mehendi – Wedding season is going on and mehendi ceremony is one of the most important part of wedding festivities. Generally Indian brides worry a lot about the color of their mehendi as it holds a special significance in every girl’s life. It is said that the darker the color of the mehendi, the more love she will get from her husband. Be it true or not, every bride wants her mehendi color to be rich and dark and aesthetically pleasing. Bridal mehendi design and color is something that every bride will cherish for years to come. So its very important to follow some tips so that your mehendi comes out just the way you wanted. Apart from lot of patience and care, there are certain Things to Remember When Planning Your Mehendi. Below we have discussed few important tips to make your mehendi rich, dark and long lasting, check them out.

Things to Remember When Planning Your Mehendi

Things to Remember When Planning Your Mehendi

Choosing Your Mehendi Artist and Design

First thing first. Be careful while you choose your mehendi artist. A lot of mehendi artists use store bought cones which are certainly not of best quality. So choose one who makes his/her own paste for your mehendi. Book your artist weeks before and also do look at their design samples. This will give you a clear idea of their design patterns and help you to choose your mehendi design.

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Wear the Right Outfit

When its your mehendi ceremony, the application of mehendi will not be limited to your arms only. So its important to choose a right outfit while applying mehendi. Don’t wear a heavy saree or lehenga as it will mess up the mehendi design done on your legs. Wear something that doesn’t go below your knees.

Important Things to Remember When Planning Your Mehendi

Seating is Important

Mehendi application can take no less than 6 hours, so a comfortable seating is important. Choose something that lets your arms rest and one with high backrest. It should have enough room for movement. Sit in a place where there is ample light and less hustle-bustle.

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Don’t Get Your Mehendi Done too Late

Many of us think that our mehendi will fade if we get it done days in advance. But the fact is that mehendi actually gets darker before it starts to fade. A good quality natural henna stain gets stronger over next three days. So get your mehendi done 3-4 days prior to your D-Day.

Few Things to Remember When Planning Your Mehendi


Keep your mehendi for at least 6 hours before you scrape it off. Don’t use water, instead apply oil and then scrape off the henna with a blunt knife. Try to avoid washing your hands or feet for next few hours.

Some Basic Tips

  • Get your manicure/pedicure done before mehendi. Ideally you should not touch soap and too much water just after you get your mehendi done.
  • Don’t apply any body lotion/moisturizer on the day of your mehendi as it will act as a barrier between skin and mehendi and you won’t get desired effect.

Mistakes to avoid When Planning Your Mehendi

  • Don’t schedule anything else on the day of your mehendi application. It is quite exhausting to sit at a place for 6-7 hours and quite possibly you won’t be left with anymore energy after that to attend another function.
  • While applying mehendi, don’t keep your hair open unless you have really short hair. It will be annoying to deal with the all the flyways and sticky hair, considering you won’t be able to touch them.

These were few important Things to Remember When Planning Your Mehendi. Hope you liked the post, stay in touch for more 🙂

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