Things to Know about Tattoo

Hii Ladies, Today we will be talking about a very interesting topic – Things to Know about Tattoo. Tattoo has made its presence felt in India since some years. Earlier it was a western concept. But these days a number of Indians are also getting tattooed. Well, getting tattooed is nothing bad but there are a number of misconceptions about tattoos. Actually I haven’t seen people having very clear knowledge about tattoos. So, I thought of writing this post about?Things to Know about Tattoo. Here we will be discussing about all the points which a person should know about tattoos. Please bear in mind that this is just a general thing about tattoo. Before you get tattooed, you should be knowing and thinking about it in much detailed way. I will be covering that part too in another post. But today’s post is dedicated to the basics of a tattoo.

Things to Know about Tattoo

What is a Tattoo?

Tattoo is a form of art which is designed on any part of your body. It can be either a design or a text or numerical or anything else. Tattoos can be both permanent and temporary in nature. Just have a thought at the back of your mind that you want to go with which one. Also, this can be done at any part of your body. So, be sure about its look and all.

Are They Safe?

This is one of the most major questions in the mind of the people who are thinking about tattoo. Well, the answer is YES. Tattoos are fully safe and sound. But on the condition that you get it done with a reputable salon or tattoo parlor. If you go to any roadside and cheap one then there are higher chances of ending up in an infection or anything else. So, better do your research beforehand.

Does it Pain While Getting Tattooed?

Frankly speaking yes, getting tattooed is a painful process. But then a number of cosmetic surgeries are painful. Isn’t it??? Piercings are much more painful. Well, it completely depends on the individual who is getting tattooed. If you are excited more about the design and how it will look then the pain will be less. But if you are too nervous then definitely it will pain.

Also, a major decisive factor is the tattoo artist. He must be well versed about how much to insert a needle, how to set the needle, skin thickness and all that. Usually tattoo ink is placed on middle or second layer of skin depending upon the skin thickness. So, an artist must be well aware about all this factors.

Important Things to Know about Tattoo

Does Using Numbing Creams Reduce Pain?

Well, this is a false belief. Numbing creams only work on your upper or top layer of skin. Whereas tattoo is placed on the middle layer. So, even if the numbing creams are applied then will not reach to the middle layer and thus are of no use.

How Much Does it Cost?

Well, it completely depends on a number of factors like: the artist, design, parlor, temporary or permanent and likewise. The prices are greatly variable and there is no such average price.


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How to Choose a Tattoo Design?

This completely depends on you. You can find a number of designs available online. You can choose through them. Else you have something in mind already draw a rough sketch and communicate to your tattoo artist. And if you are completely then let your artist decide but just communicate the size of the tattoo.

All things about Tattoo

Restrictions after Getting Tattooed :

There are no such restrictions on anything once you get tattooed. Only in case of some complex blood transfusions you can’t do it before 12 months. So, remember to get advice from your family doctor before doing anything.

That was certain Things to Know about Tattoo from my side. Let me know if you have any more doubts about it. I will be glad and will try to reply them to the best of my knowledge. Hope you liked the post. Also, let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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  1. Nicely put article. Getting a tattoo requires a lot of thought. I have 2 pieces myself and I am planning on my 3rd piece of ink. And on the pain it is very subjective. It depends on the pain tolerance of the person, the position of the tattoo and also the time it takes to ink it.

  2. your tattoo looks beautiful. The font has been selected very thoughtfully, it seems.

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