Things that Harm Beauty

In this advanced era, we use various technologies and tools to ease our lives! So, here are 10 products which we use for convenience or may be our habit but these products harm us in the most unusual way you never thought! These things can be harmful for our beauty!! So let’s see what are the Things that Harm Beauty.

Things that Harm Beauty

Sunscreens among Things that Harm Beauty

Things that Harm Beauty, sunscreen

  • Yes, please. These are meant to do good, but when ingredient list is wrong it can do more harm.
  • Let’s see the easy way, when sun rays meet with the chemical on our skin, light is converted from one energy to another and if the energy isn’t proper it can do more harm than good!
  • Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide scatter sun rays and prevent them from absorption also prevent against UVA/UVB rays. So, these are good chemicals.
  • The chemicals you need to avoid are, Oxybenzone and Vitamin-A as retinyl Palmitate. These can cause hormone disruption and cancer respectively.

Nail polishes among Things that Harm Beauty

Things that Harm Beauty, nail polishes

  • We keep our nail polishes for very long times and get happy that they don’t chip. This is totally wrong, let your nails breathe. Chemicals in nail polish can eat up the top layer of our nails and result in change in color or texture of our nails which might or might not be healthy sign. Going in deeper details, Fungus multiplies in dark, and nail polish allows no entry of air and helps fungus grow! So, regularly let your nails get some air.

Nail tools among Things that Harm Beauty

  • Clean them regularly, so that no bacteria could grow inside. Also never share your tools; you never know how hygienic another person is.

Things that Harm Beauty, nail tools

  • Also, don’t cut your cuticles too often as it can traumatize and leave them open for infection!

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Hair Dryer among Things that Harm Beauty

Things that Harm Beauty, hair dryer

Regular use of Hair tools and exposing our pretty and delicate hairs to heat and temperature which can cause damage to our hairs. Hair dryer also make hair dry and resulting in split ends.

Loofah among Things that Harm Beauty

Things that Harm Beauty, loofah

These are exotic, but when not cleaned and dried regularly can be a platform for bacteria to breed and multiply. Dead skin found on loofah acts as a food for bacteria and helps them multiply, which can further cause skin infection. So, after each use rinse, hang it dry and disinfect them regularly.

Room Freshener among Things that Harm Beauty

Things that Harm Beauty, room freshener

Many room fresheners contain phthalates, which help in dissolve fragrances. These can be absorbed by skin and lungs, also cause harm to reproductive health of male and female both!

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Moth Balls among Things that Harm Beauty

Things that Harm Beauty, moth balls

Indian households widely use these moth balls, store winter clothes with moth balls. We as kids have been seeing this since our childhood. These balls contain naphthalene which is insecticide. Exposure to these balls for long time can cause irritation in eyes, skin and affect nervous system too. So, use them as less as possible and keep your woolen in sun when removing them from cabinet in order to get rid o naphthalene smell left in clothes.

Ready-to-eat food among Things that Harm Beauty

Things that Harm Beauty, ready to eat food

These ones are handy but when used regularly van cause harm. Nutritional value of these foods decreases due the preservation process. Also, these have high content of sodium which is no good for you! Noo good!

So, Watch out for these products, because these ones harm you slowly and silently!

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Swati lives by the motto to enjoy and love life as you get it! Born and brought up in Delhi,the city always has a special space in her heart. She is basically a Computer Science Engineer and is currently working as an Software Engineer in an IT MNC. She loves herself, her family ,friends and her job too. For Swati, fashion and writing has always been a way to express herself. She can be called a slave to fashion and makeup and she wont regret it! She is a nature admirer, self-confessed foodie and shopaholic.She has a passion towards traveling and makeup and hence went ahead to write for BHB. She has traveled a lot including India and outside India too, and wishes to someday travel the entire world! She believes in being independent, confident and being Yourself!


  1. I have spotted these chemicals in many products…..such a great post dear….a reality check actually ….hats off to u ??

  2. good to know many things through this post 🙂 great sweetie

  3. Even I have started looking for ingredients before using the product!!!

  4. Thanks for giving us a kick. I have never checked ingredients before buying. A great heads up post

  5. There are so many things to keep vigilant about and watch out for. I’m always reading about new things. I just replaced my loofah so at least I’m on top of that 😉

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