The Simple Way to Make Your Serum Work Better

The Simple Way to Make Your Serum Work Better – Hello ladies, hope you are doing well. Today I am going to tell you The Simple Way to Make Your Serum Work Better. Earlier we have already explained you about different tips to make use of hair serum and today we brought a similar post that would be about simple ways to make use of serum. The serum is a liquid usually used on the skin so that it avoids wrinkles over face, keeps it moisturized and also helps to hydrate your skin well. Most of the woman haven’t tried using serum just because they did not know it is actually a wonderful product. Well, about my experience I have been using serum since more than a year and today it is the most important thing in my kit. Here are some ways to make your serum work better.

The Simple Way to Make Your Serum Work Better

The Simple Way to Make Your Serum Work Better

Don’t Sleep with Your Hair Open

You should never sleep with your hair open because it can clog the pores on your face and also forehead. Sleeping with open hair is the most common mistake of every woman which may lead to clogging of pores and breakouts on skin. You should always try to tie your hair with a loose rubber band and do not keep any hair on your forehead.

Avoid Using Toner

You should avoid using toner often because you should start using your serum now. Although toner helps to remove the dirt and dust from the face, it can never work better than serum. Other than this, toner also contains a high amount of alcohol that may harm your skin and sometimes lead to breakouts on skin. If you have acne-prone skin, you should stay away from toner and switch to serums.

Simple Way to Make Your Serum Work Better

Application Process

You should apply serum evenly on your face and you should never avoid the under eye area. Avoid using too much of products as it may destroy the health of your skin. So to reap full benefits of serum you should apply serum every day before going to bed and concentrate more on under eye area.

Wait before Moisturizing

Serums are actually different from moisturizers and hence it does not get absorbed as soon as you apply. So when you are applying serum, you should wait for 5 minutes and only then moisturizer. Serums are generally thick in consistency and hence it may take some time to be absorbed by the skin.

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Face Serum

Less is More

You should not apply a serum like how you have been using any other moisturizer and creams. A serum is thick in consistency, and hence, you must apply it less as we mentioned before, less is more in a case of serum. Just a few drops of serum are enough to be applied on face and don’t worry, it would keep your face moisturized.

Avoid Looking for Fragrance

When you are picking up the perfect serum for your skin, you should avoid looking for fragrance and color because they are just attractive and not affect while application. An effective serum is loaded with active ingredients to target repair and rejuvenation. And hence, there is no use of color and fragrance of serum.

So, girls here I have discussed The Simple Way to Make Your Serum Work Better. I hope you find it helpful.

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