The Shower Time Savers

Hey girls today I will tell you how we can take care of our beauty body essentials like nail, skin and mane during our shower time and thus saving time from taking care of them in our busy hectic schedules.

The Shower Time Savers

I will be explaining the tips which will benefit you in your busy day:

1) Dry Brushing : While body scrubs are great, research says that dry brushing can do trick just as well. It not only improves circulation of the blood but also the flow of lymphatic fluid, which flushes toxins surrounding cells, and gets rid of dull, dead skin cells to reveal radiant skin beneath. Before you step into the shower, take a natural bristles brush and work it from your feet upwards.

It not only gives you health benefits also cuts down your expenses of using costly body scrubs 🙂

Brush as scrub

2)  Facial boost : You don’t need to set out time to indulge in and at-home facial. Just opt for a mud or fruit mask that can be lift on for 10 minutes. The stream will help open up your pores and all the nutrients actually get absorbed into the skin much more easily. Go for an organic mask as opposed to a get based one.

face mask

3) Condition Your Locks :Trade in your regular conditioner for a deep one and save time. Leaving on conditioner when in the shower works, as the heat and steam of shower helps the product to penetrate into the locks and strands. For those who looking for a natural alternative, apply coconut or olive oil on the scalp and strands and rinse just before you finish your shower routine.

condition hair

4)   Quick nail treatment: After conditioning your hair or slathering shower cream on your body, rub the residue on your hands and feet. Then take a small nail brush and give a good scrub, this will help clean our dirt and dead skin cells adding some shine to the nails.

nail care

5)  Moisturizing Body treatment: End your shower with a unique 2-minutes routine. Rub on a moisturizing body lotion or oil on to the skin just after tower drying. Opt for a cream which glycerin and hyaluronic acid which helps with absorption. The idea is to dry and lock in that moisturize as soon as possible.

Friends hope these tips will help you to cut short your time of body essential and care regime and save your time in your busy life

About Piyali Toshniwal

Piyali is from Mumbai. She born in Kolkata and brought up in different cities of India. Since her dad had a transferable job, She has travelled many states and cities of India. From there her passion for travelling arose. She love to travel and explore new places. She is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer with MBA in Finance from Mumbai University. She has a passion for beauty and fashion and love to experiment with her looks a lot hence her inclination to write for BHB. Business is what she enjoy the most. She has an Art Jewellery Brand named “PSJ-PiyaJewels” and event Management Company called “Radiance Events”. She is a very creative person and hence her work of creativity reflects in her ventures. She like to live life to the fullest & try to enjoy every possible bit of it! Her motto of life is “Keep Smiling, it’s the best Jewellery one can wear”


  1. great time saver idea’s Piyali 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us

  2. good ideas babes..

  3. Thnku sweety 🙂

  4. being the laziest girl on this planet, i thrive on shortcuts but have never heard of dry brushing

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