The Hard Truth About Ammonia-Free Hair Colouring Products

The Hard Truth About Ammonia-Free Hair Colouring Products – Over half of women on the planet have used hair colouring treatments at least once, and many do this regularly. Therefore, the matter of hair dye safety is extremely important today. At the moment, ammonia-based products are believed to be most dangerous, thus ammonia-free hair colouring products are gaining popularity fast. They definitely have some important advantages, but the truth is that all chemicals used in hair dyes are damaging to some extent. Therefore, if you want to colour your hair, the best thing you can do is to choose the least dangerous option.
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Ammonia-Free Hair Colour : Pros and Cons

The biggest advantage of ammonia-free hair colouring products is that they are, supposedly, safer for your locks. As they don’t contain ammonia, they coat the hair shaft in the pigment instead of penetrating it and irreversibly damaging the hair structure.

These products also usually contain a variety of oils and various conditioning elements. Therefore, the hair often looks healthier and shinier after you use some of ammonia-free products. In fact, some of them can be easily mistaken for deep conditioning treatments, only with a colouring pigment on top.

Unfortunately, the very nature of these colouring solutions is their biggest disadvantage. The problem with these dyes is that the coating they provide washes off very fast. As the hair doesn’t “soak up” the colour, like it does with ammonia-based dyes, it doesn’t remain there for long.

However, you need to understand one very important thing. Ammonia-free products are rather versatile. They greatly range in colour. Top brands offer some specialized lines that can satisfy every customer, no matter how outlandish their plans might be.

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When looking for the shades of blonde, look into Fanola ammonia-free colour. If you are looking for something unnatural but cool, Colorista Washout has quite positive reviews today. This collection of colours from bright-yellow to jade-green can help make any of your dreams come true.

Another important difference, however, is the formula. How long ammonia-free products will last on your hair depends on many factors. Today you can find solutions that last only a night, 6-8 washes, or several weeks. It’s the “permanent” ammonia-free that you need to be wary about.

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Are All Ammonia-Free Hair Colouring Products Safe?

Unfortunately, ammonia-free hair colouring products might not be as harmless as they seem. According to this study, solutions that contain MEA (monoethanolamine) to replace the alkalizer in “permanent ammonia-free dyes” can be up to 85% more damaging than products that contain ammonia.

The “damage” in question is done to your hairs, which means that it can have severe consequences, up to hair loss.

In essence, variations of ethanolamine in these products are replacements for ammonia. They also serve as alkalizing agents, which will help to break down the outer layer of cuticles so hair dye can literally infuse your locks. And as researchers have already pointed out, these solutions aren’t all that different from ammonia-based products.

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Does this mean that it doesn’t matter whether you use products with ammonia?

No, but this means that one should always study the list of ingredients on the beauty products carefully. Many of these do not contain those nasty chemicals, so they truly do offer the benefits attributed to ammonia-free hair colouring treatments.

It will be easier to find those if you look at how long the dye will last on your hair. The smaller the term, the less damaging the product. Sadly, scientists have yet to come up with an effective solution for this problem. However, the increasing popularity of colouring treatments without ammonia shows that the industry has great promise.

Note that you also shouldn’t forget that today hair colour treatment isn’t the only method of changing the colour of your hair. There are specialized tinted shampoos available on the market, which might be able to prolong the “lifespan” of ammonia-free hair dyes. For example purple shampoos help neutralize the yellow that appears on bleached hair and can help turn you into a platinum blonde.

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You can also make your own tinted hair care products. All you need for this is to mix your conditioner with a dollop of the hair tinting product you used, like the aforementioned Colorista.

These solutions won’t be long-lasting. But they will help you keep the colour longer with minimal damage. This means that in these situations, ammonia-free colouring products are definitely worth investing into.

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