The Best Trick to Make Foundation Last All Day

When it comes to makeup application, what is the most important thing? Its not the eye shadow, nor the lipstick or your favorite blush, its foundation.”When you’re putting on your make-up it’s like you’re an artist, but instead of painting a canvas, you’re painting your face”.. And so, we have to start from the beginning, by preparing the canvas, in this case, our face. Here lies the importance of foundation. It enhances our complexion, evens out the skin tone and hide imperfections, so that our makeup lasts long and look flawless. Now long lasting and flawless makeup means you have to make your foundation last long!! But how? Well, you have to keep on reading this post then where we have revealed The Best Trick to Make Foundation Last All Day.

The Best Trick to Make Foundation Last All Day

Butterfly Technique

Use your foundation to form a butterfly structure in the center of your face. The antennae are up on the forehead, while the wings are placed on the both side of your nose and the body goes down the bridge of the nose. Create a V shape on the point of the chin.


Now comes the blending part. Blend your foundation outward using your fingertips. In the process, when you are lightly pressing the foundation into your skin using your fingers, it helps in blending the foundation perfectly to give you a seamless finish. Also the warmth of the fingertips helps to spread the foundation for a naturally, flawless look.

Trick to Make Foundation Last All Day


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Apply Loose Powder

Now lightly dust some loose powder on your T-zone. Take a fluffy brush and run it over your pressed powder and simply draw a T on your T-zone, starting from the forehead to the chin.This will reduce the shine on this area, which usually tends to get oily after a few hours. Rest of the face will have a dewy look. Plus, this will give you a more natural finish.

How to Make Foundation Last All Day

Use a Makeup Setting Spray

Finally, use a makeup setting spray to set your makeup. It will give you a lovely, dewy finish and help to get rid of the excess oil that actually can break down the foundation or cause it to crease.

Finally, put the finishing touches on your fresh and glowing face. Pop on your favorite lip color, a touch of blush on the cheeks and you are ready to turn few heads for sure, wherever you go 🙂

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