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12 Best Homemade Yogurt Face Pack for All Skin Types

Yogurt Face Pack

12 Best Homemade Yogurt Face Pack for All Skin Types – Yogurt is one of those things that can make your life a bit easier during summer. Be it for your heath, or your skin, yogurt is good for both. So, here we have put together a list of best yogurt face pack recipes for all skin types. Yogurt is no less than a miraculous ingredient for our skin, thanks to its rich nutrient content. It contains zinc, B Vitamins, ...

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Dark Horses in Our Kitchen

Dark Horses in our kitchen

Dark Horses in Our Kitchen – Hi Everyone! Here I am back with another skin care post. My post is about Dark Horses in Our Kitchen. Well, you know the bonus with skin care is that you don’t need very fancy and even costly products to maintain and take care of your skin. You just need to know the best products as per your skin type. Well, do you know there are number of products in our kitchen which are ...

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Watermelon Juice and Yogurt Mask To Get Soft and Glowing Skin

Hello all 🙂 Today my post is about Watermelon Juice and Yogurt Mask To Get Soft and Glowing Skin. A soft, glowing, beautiful skin is every girl’s dream. But our fast paced life, environmental factors, increasing level of stress, unhealthy diet etc makes it difficult to achieve that enviable glowing skin. In pursuit to achieve what we want, we spend hours at parlors and salons undergoing expensive facial treatments. But what most of us don’t know that a simple facial ...

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Dabur Vatika Ultra Shine and Smooth Shampoo Review

Hello gorgeous ladies! I am back with another review – Dabur Vatika Ultra Shine and Smooth Shampoo Review. Don’t we all vie for those enviable glossy, lustrous and shiny locks that catch everyone’s eyes around? Shiny tresses are an indication of proper care and timely nourishment. While there are myriad home remedies when it comes to pampering our crowning glory such as- Curd (yogurt), fenugreek seeds/leaves, herbal hair care powders, but shampooing is also indispensable. Sometimes, a few herbal ingredients ...

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Best Herbal Acne Remedies

Hey ladies!! How are you all? Winter is on its way but acne problem never leaves us alone. I have seen many girls facing this problem. Acne is something very complex, it is difficult to avoid them, but if you make sure that you follow right steps in right manner for your skin accompanied by healthy food, then I assure you, that you will see visible reduction in acne. You can avoid it by many means; you can eat those ...

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Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Treatment Shampoo

Dabur India is known for it’s wide range of Ayurvedic personal care products to make every woman look and feel good. Recently, Dabur has launched an all new range of shampoos –Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Treatment Shampoo.?Vatika range already had Black Shine, Root strenghtening, Olive and Henna and Silk and shine shampoo. The new range has introduced three more shampoos – Vatika Oil Balance Hair Fall Treatment, Vatika Oil Balance Split Treatment and Vatika Oil Balance Smoothing Treatment shampoo. These ...

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Why Yogurt is Good for Skin

Hey girls!!! Are you worried about your skin problems? Acne, tanning, dull skin bothering you a lot? Here is a solution for them – yogurt. Today my post is about Why Yogurt is Good for Skin. You must read this to know about the benefits of yogurt. Yogurt is very common ingredient in Indian kitchen, and most the ingredients of Indian kitchen have certain benefits for your skin, hair and health. Yogurt is one of them, it is remedy for all ...

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