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Things to Know about Tattoo

Hii Ladies, Today we will be talking about a very interesting topic – Things to Know about Tattoo. Tattoo has made its presence felt in India since some years. Earlier it was a western concept. But these days a number of Indians are also getting tattooed. Well, getting tattooed is nothing bad but there are a number of misconceptions about tattoos. Actually I haven’t seen people having very clear knowledge about tattoos. So, I thought of writing this post about?Things ...

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Things to Think Before Getting a Tattoo

Hello Ladies! The day since permanent tattoo evolved every one of us is excited. All of us have a thought at the back of mind that what if we get tattooed. How it will look and all that. Lets agree that we all have a hidden excitement inside us wherein we all wish to get tattooed. But getting tattooed is not a one day decision. After all tattoo is a permanent art on your body. It is always going to ...

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How to Care for a New Tattoo and Top 5 Tattoo Designs for Girls

Hello all the pretty ladies out there 🙂 How to Care for a New Tattoo? A tattoo for most people is an expression of their deepest thoughts or something they hold very close to their heart and not just a pattern inked on skin. It is an extension of one’s personalities & something that makes you stand apart in a crowd. Below is a list of the most popular tattoo designs among girls and what possible meanings could these hold ...

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