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5 Best Hair Serum available in Indian Market

Best Hair Serum

5 Best Hair Serum available in Indian Market – If you think shampoo, conditioner and hair masks are all that you need for a healthy hair, then think twice! You might be missing out on an important hair care ingredients, and that’s hair serum. Here in this article, we’ll share a list of five best hair serum available in Indian market. Hair serums are pretty magical, because they are so versatile! You can use them to control frizz, smoothen your ...

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How to Improve Hair Texture with Natural Remedies

Improve Hair Texture

How to Improve Hair Texture with Natural Remedies – Our hair can be of different types – straight, curly, wavy. But regardless of the type, we all want to have smooth and soft hair. And in the desire to attain that, many at times, we make our precious locks to go through a lot of chemical treatments and end up ruining our hair texture. Here in this article, we are going to share few natural remedies that can improve hair texture. ...

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How to do Hair Smoothening at Home – 8 Natural Methods

Hair Smoothening at home

How to do Hair Smoothening at Home – 8 Natural Methods – Smooth, silky hair is every girl’s dream! But some of us have really frizzy and curly hair which becomes too difficult to comb and style as desired. In such scenarios, we opt for professional hair treatments, like hair smoothening or hair straightening. However, there are few differences in between these two treatments. Here in this article, we are going to talk about hair smoothening. Hair smoothening can be done ...

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Celebrity Secrets for Shiny Hair

Hair is our crowning glory. Shiny, healthy and beautiful hair adds an extra charm to our look. After all, a beautiful face and beautiful hair complements each other. But our busy lifestyle often don’t allow us the time for proper hair care. Result is dull, lack luster, frizzy hair! But hey, have you noticed how your favorite celebrity’s hair looks like? Shiny, glossy..just fabulous all the time! Celebrities are even busier than us!! So whats the Celebrity Secrets for Shiny ...

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How to Make Detangling Hair Easy

Hey girls!! Yeah I am back with few more easy peasy tips, today I am going to tell you about How to Make Detangling Hair Easy. Cool no? We always suffer while combing our hair, not just it takes lot of time to detangle but also we have to face loss of hair. Detangling hair knots is a tedious task, and it also makes us think about baldness. Continuous hair fall in a huge amount will result in pre mature ...

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How to Do Hair Spa at Home Using Natural Ingredients

Hey girls, how are you all doing? I am sure that, every girl wants to have hair that looks beautiful and lustrous but then everything that looks good needs maintenance. Your hair also need some tender love and care to look healthy and stay free from problems. We often ignore our tresses and then expect them to be healthy. If you want to have beautiful looking hair then you must switch to natural hair care ingredients as chemicals do more ...

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Livon Moroccan Silk Serum Review

Hello Readers, I am going to review Livon Moroccan Silk Serum. Women with coarse and dry hair like mine cannot do without a hair serum or a leave in conditioner. If by any means I miss applying my hair masque I know how dreadful the sight would be to see numerous strands of hair suck to my hair brush. Thus I always keep a hair serum to tame flyways and of course the most important part i.e. to detangle my ...

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Pantene All day Smooth Miracle Water Review

Hello Readers, I am going to post Pantene All Day Smooth Miracle Water Review. Winter is knocking at the door and I am assembling the things I need to safeguard my skin and hair from dryness. Especially in extreme winters when the water is as cold as ice I really do not know how to wash my tresses with cold water and then wait with wet hair with mask or conditioner on. For such terrifying days I keep a conditioner handy ...

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