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How to Curl Hair in 5 Minutes

Our hair plays a major role in enhancing our look. And that’s the reason we never get tired of experimenting with our hairstyle. Get it straightened, get it curled or both together – creating different hairstyles each day is fun! As much as we love styling our hair, it can create a mess at times specially while you are looking for wavy hairstyle. Curling iron is the easiest way out, however, treating your hair with so much heat isn’t a ...

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3 Easy Running Late Hairstyles

We all know that waking up early is so good for every one! But how many of us can actually do that? Most mornings, the snooze button gets the priority! And then what happens? We wake up late, do everything in hurry, somehow manages to get ready for our A.M classes or office and then all of a sudden, our hair starts ‘Non co-operation Movement’!! Now we can’t afford to step out with that messy hair, neither we can sit ...

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