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How to Solve the Problem of Grey Hair

Hey BHB readers! Today I will post about How to Solve the Problem of Grey Hair. Greying of hair is most embarrassing problem for all ladies. Apart from premature ageing, there are many reasons of grey hair, like lack of nutrition in your diet, lack of care and lack of hygiene. So please devote some time for your hair and follow these tips. This post includes some homemade hair oil and hair packs which will help you to get rid ...

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Facts about Grey Hair

Hello lovely ladies 🙂 I am back with a new post – Facts about Grey Hair. Grey hair is a very common sight these days. Even young people are suffering from premature graying these days. It causes serious embarrassment as anyone anytime can point them out. Grey hair is still considered as signs of ageing. However, there are lots of other factors contribute to graying of our hair strands. To cover up these embarrassing grey strands, we try various methods ...

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