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My Burberry Eau de Perfume Review

Hello Girls 🙂 I don’t how I forgot to share my valentine gift with you so basically My hubby gifted me this My Burberry Eau de Perfume on valentine day. He knows very well that I am not a perfume girl at all and I love Deo’s ;). But still he gifted me this because Hubby thinks gift is gift so I thought ya that’s true and lets use this perfume too. MY BURBERRY captures the fragrance of a London garden after the ...

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Top 7 Perfumes to Buy for Girls

Hi girls, Today I am going to tell you about the best perfumes to buy for girls that is Top 7 Perfumes to Buy for Girls. As girls, we always want to describe our personality by what we are wearing and perfumes are the essential part of it. Perfumes are the important part of our wardrobe and it necessary to exist in every woman wardrobe. Women wants to wear that perfume which suits their personality and compliment their mood, so ...

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9 Simple Ways to Use Sandalwood for Skin and Face

Beauty Secrets of Sandalwood ( Chandan) Hi friends…. There are many beauty secrets of sandalwood. Today I am sharing 9 Simple Ways to Use Sandalwood for Skin and Face(chandan). Sandalwood is the name of a group of fragrant trees that is found mostly in India, some other countries of south Asia, Indonesia and Australia. This aromatic tree was initially used mostly by perfume makers, a practice that lead to the over harvesting of this otherwise slow-growing tree. Many Ayurvedic, as well as ...

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