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5 Best Natural Hair Color Available in Indian Market

Best Natural Hair Color

5 Best Natural Hair Color Available in Indian Market – Now-a-days, we love coloring our hair. Changing your natural hair color is the easiest way to try a new look. We also use hair color to cover up grays. Whatever the purpose is, the main concern is hair color should not damage our precious locks, right? But chemical-filled colors often damage our locks, making them dull, dry and brittle. So, the best option is to try a natural hair color. ...

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How to Make Natural Hair Color at Home – 12 Simple Techniques

Natural Hair Color

How to Make Natural Hair Color at Home – 12 Simple Techniques – If you are bored of the hectic life and the same face on the mirror every single day, add some color to your hair! Yes, we are serious! However, many of us tend to shy away from hair colors thinking the chemicals present in it will end up damaging our hair. The fear is not baseless though, hence we have put together few easy natural hair color recipes ...

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How Safe is Dyeing Hair?

Long, luxurious locks is the ultimate sign of feminine youth and beauty. To enhance the beauty of our hair, we often opt for hair color or hair dye. Hair color not only saves us from the embarrassment of grey hair, but it is like a fashion statement these days. We choose hair color that matches our personality. Thinking about getting a makeover? Hair color is the easiest and probably the cheapest way to get a new look altogether! But How ...

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Turmeric Magic for Hair

Turmeric, more commonly known as ‘Haldi’, is a yellow colored earthy spice. It is a part of ginger family and is best known for its association with cooking. Turmeric is also known for its various health and beauty benefits. This magic herb not only gives beautiful color to our food, but also has amazing curing abilities. We all know that turmeric is used heavily in skin care. It has anti oxidants, antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties that gives amazing benefits ...

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How To Make Natural Hair Dye

Grey hair is a massive concern these days. The main cause of greying is ageing, but environmental pollution, unhealthy food habit, stress and some internal health issues also contribute to greying of hair. Almost every 3rd person is suffering from grey hair these days. Most of us these days have very busy and stressful lifestyle and so graying of hair can’t be prevented much. But it can be concealed with the help of hair dyes. The hair dyes that are ...

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