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How to Grow Nails Faster – 12 Best Tips and Home Remedies

Grow Nails Faster

How to Grow Nails Faster – Best Tips and Home Remedies – Beautiful nails add to one’s beauty. All of us want our nails to grow fast and long, because long nails look beautiful. So here we have come up with this article on how to grow nails faster. Healthy nail growth is a clear indication of one’s good internal health as well. According to a research in University of Carolina, our nails grow at a rate of 3.47 mm/month. ...

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7 Important Hacks to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

7 Important Hacks to Make your Manicure last longer

7 Important Hacks to Make Your Manicure Last Longer  – Hello friends, hope you all are doing good this summer days. On my side, I am enjoying writing for you guys because I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. Well, talking about today’s topic, I would be sharing 7 Important Hacks to Make Your Manicure Last Longer. Manicure is the latest fashion trend for girls that seems to gain importance these days and here we brought you some important ...

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Basicare 4 Way Nail Buffer Review

Hello girls! Today I will pen down Basicare 4 Way Nail Buffer Review for you all. I love nail polishes and change it almost every week or once in 10 days. Sometimes it so happens that I hardly allow my nails to breathe as they are always polished.  But once in a month I make it a point to give a good manicure at home. I do it easily while watching TV. Before I knew that buffers existed I used to use a ...

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Oriflame The ONE Instant Nail Polish Remover Review

Hi Beauties! Happy Holi is advance. Its a long weekend coming next week and I am so happy. Lots of colors around. Same is the case of colors of nail polishes. We girls have a huge collection of nail polish. But we must invest in a good quality nail polish remover and base coat. The product I would review today is the nail polish remover – Oriflame The ONE Instant Nail Polish Remover Review. I purchased this Oriflame The ONE ...

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Oriflame The One Base and Top Coat Review

Hi Beauties! Today I would be talking about an interesting product – Oriflame The One Base and Top Coat Review. I am very new to nail art. And recently I have started doing some nail art, I mean I am learning the basics still and failing. And after going through the article here on BHB, I tried the sponge method for ombre color, it came out so perfectly well, but then there was problem. Since I did not have any ...

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Colorbar Nail Polish Remover Review

Hello Beauties! I am back with a new review – Colorbar Nail Polish Remover Review. We all love nail polishes. Don’t we? Now, who doesn’t love a little dose of brightness or cuteness on her nails?? But removing those nail paints is like a pain in ass for me. I seriously get irritated by the poor quality of nail polish removers. Since I am a fan of nail paints and I apply nail paints minimum once a week. So, my ...

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Top 5 Cuticle Creams Available in India

Nails are an important part of one’s personality. Brittle and dull nails represent a careless persona. On the other hand our nails have to go through a lot as we paint them with colorful polishes, do nail arts and even change their shapes frequently. All these take toll on our nails externally. Even weakness and other medical complications can give rise to bad nails which need a little care. Here is a list of Top 5 Cuticle Creams Available in ...

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5 Tips for Nail Growth

Hello ladies!!! Nails are one of the most important part of our overall beauty. A woman without shaped nails looks so awkward. Every woman should take care of their nails. But sometime you have a nail growth problem. Nail growth is natural but some people face less growth of nails. So my post is for those who have improper growth of nails. Here I have come up with 5 Tips for Nail Growth. These tips are for caring and increasing your nail growth. These 5 Tips for ...

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