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15 Amazing Benefits of Mustard Oil for Skin, Hair and Health

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15 Amazing Benefits of Mustard Oil for Skin, Hair and Health – If you think that mustard oil or sarso ka tel as we commonly know it, is for only cooking, then think twice! In many parts of India, it’s impossible to think life without mustard oil. Researches have proved that mustard oil has numerous benefits  for health, and in this article, you will find some of the top benefits of mustard oil for our skin, hair and health. Mustard oil ...

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Dabur Sarson Amla Hair Oil Review

Hi All the lovely readers of BHB. I am back with a new beautiful product called “Dabur Sarso Amla Hair Oil” and here is Dabur Sarson Amla Hair Oil Review. It’s been quite sometime I wrote for Blog since my brand of Jewellery PSJ-Piya Jewels keep me super busy. But my passion for BHB can’t keep me away for much time from it 🙂 Check – 18 Surprising Jojoba Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair

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Beauty Secrets of Mustard Oil

Hi friends 🙂 You know some days before I hate mustard oil because of its smell. But my granny share beauty secrets of mustard oil with me and now its in  my beauty routine. today i will share my granny’s beauty secrets of mustard oil. Mustard oil contains good percentage of Omeg Alpha – 3 and Omeg Alpha- 6 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E. This oil is generally used as cooking oil, but did you know mustard oil also does wonders to your ...

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