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How to Use Menstrual Cup/Everteen Menstrual Cup Review

Everteen Menstrual Cup Review

How to Use Menstrual Cup/Everteen Menstrual Cup Review – Being a woman is not easy. You have to manage your home, kids, office and at the same time take care of your body. And menstruation is an important part of a woman’s life. Normally we use sanitary pads and tampons during those days. But recently menstrual cup has become quite popular. When it comes to female hygiene, it is very important to use the right products, and disposal of them is ...

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10 Best Period Hacks All Girls Must Know

Must Know Period Hacks, Period Hacks, Period Tips

10 Best Period Hacks All Girls Must Know – Period or Menstruation is one of the toughest time in a woman’s life, but some period hacks can ease the suffering a lot. Every month, those 4-5 days make our life difficult! We know that it is important for a women’s health, but with the periodical pain, cramps, back pain, lethargy, bloating etc, we feel frustrated! What makes things even worse is that most of us feel embarrassed to talk about ...

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Home Remedies for Irregular Periods

Home Remedies for Irregular Periods – Irregular periods is a common problem for us girls. About 90% of menstruating women never have periods on time. The average duration of menstrual cycle in a woman is 28 days, but in case of irregular periods, it can range between 21-35 days. Other abnormalities can be either menstruating for longer than 5 days or missing out on periods for an entire month without being pregnant. Irregular periods can be traumatising. And so we ...

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How to Clean Your Period Stains

Hiii girls! Once again I am back with a new post – How to Clean Your Period Stains. Periods are really a tricky time for us girls. Of course we go through a lot mentally and physically. But other than that we have also to make a lot of efforts so that it goes without much pain and hassle. Doesn’t matter how many different types of innovative sanitary napkins comes in market still you need to be cautious during periods. ...

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How to Use a Tampon

Hello ladies!?Here I am with yet another very informative post – How to Use a Tampon. Periods or menstrual cycle is something which we face regularly but still we avoid to talk or discuss about it. In rural India discussing about periods is still a strict no-no. It is still considered a taboo there. But you know girls we should talk more about it. the primary reason is that there are number of misconceptions surrounding to periods. It is such ...

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How to Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps

Hello gorgeous ladies!! Today I will be talking about How to Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps.We girls suffer from much discrimination as compared to our men counterparts. Well, I am not talking about the social stigmas here. I am saying about the physical issues here. We have to go through a monthly torture every month when the boys can have all the fun they want every time. They are not entitled to the PMS and all the monthly trouble which ...

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