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Importance of Reading Your Love Horoscope

Reading Your Love Horoscope

Importance of Reading Your Love Horoscope – Many people today live under the influence of people who hardly believe in the power of love. If you’ve previously been cheated on or taken for granted by someone you love deeply, do not give up hope. Reading your love horoscope helps to re-ignite the ray of hope about love that is lost. There’s so much ongoing vice in the world today. Before sharing your most profound moments and emotions, take time to ...

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7 Tips To Cheer Up Your Wife

7 Tips To Cheer Up your Wife

7 Tips To Cheer Up Your Wife – Hello Readers! Today I come back with my new and very Interesting post which is so helpful for man i.e 7 Tips To Cheer Up your Wife. And as the proverb goes, behind every successful man there is a wife and ladies love hearing this again and again. Married or not married, you might be aware of the perks of husband – wife relation and if you are married, may god bless ...

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Faces Sindoor Review

Hi Beauties!! How are you doing? Today I will be sharing Faces Sindoor Review. Holi is just around the corner. I love colors and I enjoy playing holi. Colors bring liveliness to the life. Imagine life without colors. So, today my product, which is Faces Sindoor, is of a much use to all the married ladies. Indian brides prefer wearing sindoor after marriage, in order to show their love for the spouse. It is part of Indian culture. Also, wearing ...

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How to Deal with Breakup

Hello ladies! Today I will talk about How to Deal with Breakup. This is one of the phases many of us go through. Some pass this breakup phase easily and others do not. Life is beautiful and if we become upset on nasty small things, it would become hopeless. If we do not taste failure, then we will never understand what success is. Similarly, to understand love and relationship, breakup comes in the cycle once in a while. There is ...

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Hot Tips to Fix an Unromantic Marriage

Hi all 🙂 I am here with a new topic – Hot Tips to Fix an Unromantic Marriage. Because of the impact of movies and television, we are made to believe that the ultimate happy ending is the marriage and not the beginning. But in real sense, marriage is new beginning, whether it is arranged or love, you need to work it out. Its simple yet tricky. As time passes, both the partners, takes each other for granted and that’s ...

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Wedding Anniversary Makeup Tutorial and My New YouTube Channel

Hey everyone! Today I am back with a makeup tutorial – Wedding Anniversary Makeup Tutorial. My husband and I have been married for 8 years now. And it’s been an amazing journey for both of us 🙂 With our little princess Anika, there is never a dull moment here 🙂 Want to know the secret? Well, keeping God in the focus and trusting Him and everything will fall into place. Another important thing is to add a twist to your daily ...

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Mehandi Designs for Wedding Party

Dear all my lovely readers, Today I am ready with a post on preferable Mehandi designs for wedding Party functions other than for brides. Mehandi is something we all like to put in our hands for any auspicious occasions in India. Let me explain some important facts and definitions of Henna i.e., Mehandi. Mehandi means henna, but it is most commonly used in the west as a term for the designs painted on the hands, feet, or other parts of ...

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Bridal skin care tips

Hi friends, Wedding season is here again And there is one thing that’s more important than any other on D-day – looking gorgeous.And how you look finally comes down to your skin because it decides the type of makeup you will wear that day. If you want to look like a princess on your wedding day you need to start preparing well in advance. The longer you have, the better prepared you can be. here are some handy tips that you can try ...

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