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Boots Ingredients Strawberry and Yogurt Conditioner Long Hair Review

Hi Beauties 🙂 The best thing about my Thailand trip was that I got an access to most of the foreign brands. One such brand is Boots ingredients. Since a long time, I had an eye on its range of products. I have purchased shampoos, conditioner, hand creams and body washes from this brand. Boots products are quite reasonable and very effective. The only con is that these products are not organic but that can be ignored as it gives salons ...

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Top 5 Hair Oils for Hair Growth

Hello readers 🙂 If I talk of your hair care routine, I am sure, the first thing that comes to your mind is.. Oiling!! Oiling stimulates blood circulation in scalp and hence promoting nutrient supply to the roots of hair and flushing out of waste and toxins from the scalp. If you want to get quicker hair growth, you must oil your hair at least twice a week and should also be aware about the right kinds of oil that can ...

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