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10 Makeup Essentials for College Going Girls

Hey pretty women! This post is dedicated from my side to all the freshers and college going girls!! I am pretty sure, you do have a lot of projects to submit, presentations to deliver and lot of deadlines to meet but it is not an excuse for you not to look good. A basic know how of makeup is a must for every girl in her late teens and early twenties. If you do not strive to look presentable and ...

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Top 5 Tips for College Girl

Being in college can be very challenging in certain aspects & super-duper fun in other aspects. Every girl needs some grooming when she enters college so that she looks pretty & presentable all the time without her attire or Makeup looking over the top!! We do not want our lovely readers to be confused all the time about which lip shade to wear pf what hair style to sport!! The beauty & Makeup tips given below are sure to save your ...

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How To Wear Makeup For First Day Of College

Makeup For First Day Of College Hi friends…. This is my first tutorial on makeup for first day of college. One thing I learned from this tutorial is that clicking pictures while applying makeup is EXTREMELY difficult! This is makeup for first day of college. Excited your first day of college? Making friends and figuring out your class schedules are going to be your top priorities, but you still want to make a good impression, don’t you? Here’s how you can look ...

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