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Innisfree Orchid Eye Cream Review | Price, Claims

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Innisfree Orchid Eye Cream Review – Innisfree Orchid Eye cream is an anti-aging solution made with Jeju orchids that offers younger and healthier looking skin. Fine lines, puffiness and darkness are common issues of the under eye skin. This area being the most delicate needs special care- the right product made with the best ingredients. Innisfree Orchid Eye Cream being made with exceptional antioxidant properties of precious Orchid Elixir and other functional active ingredients, it works to nourish and also ...

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Tvam – Olive and Soya Under Eye Cream Review

Tvam – Olive and Soya Under Eye Cream Review – Under eye creams are an essential part of my beauty regimen. I never go to bed at night without applying eye cream. Till date, I have tried various eye creams and based on that, I have shared a post on best eye creams in the past. You can check it out here. Couple of months ago I got the chance to try out Tvam – Olive and Soya Under Eye Cream. It ...

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Raw Rituals Under Eye Cream Review

Challenge any Bollywood buff to name Hindi songs that have eulogized the eyes of a lady (particularly the leading lady) and watch him/her go berserk with excitement 😛 From the evergreen ‘Ankhiyon ke jharoko se’ to the alluring ‘Tere Naina’, Bollywood lyricists have kept us glued to songs revolving around eyes. It goes without saying that a lot of care and attention is paid to beautifying eyes but don’t we miss out something right in the vicinity of our eyes ...

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Jovees Witch Hazel & Almond Eye Contour Cream Review

Hello girlies! Today I will be sharing Jovees Witch Hazel & Almond Eye Contour Cream Review with you all. All of us are very particular about our skin care routine. We religiously follow cleansing, toning, moisturizing, face masks, face packs etc. But often we forget an important thing which is eye cream. The skin surrounding our eye area is the most delicate on our face and body. Therefore, we need to show it extra care and love with an eye ...

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How to Reduce Under Eye Wrinkles

Hi lovely readers 🙂 How to Reduce Under Eye Wrinkles is question of the day. Today, I am here with something that I feel most of you will find useful as all of us or at least most of us are in our late twenties and that is exactly when the very first signs of ageing start appearing. You must have noted that the very first wrinkles always appear at the edges of eyes as crow’s feet and as fine ...

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Beauty Secrets of Aloe vera

Hi friends I am going to share beauty secrets of aloe vera. The inner gel of Aloe Vera is considered very well for Skin Care. As it is a natural balancer it’s good for all Skin types whether you have Oily Skin, Dry Skin or a mixture of both.Inside Aloe Vera leaves there is a Gel-like substance. This gel has vast range of Vitamins(including Vitamin E–which is very important for skin), Minerals, Amino Acids & Enzymes.Aloe is weirdly a close match to our Skin’s pH balance. Therefore, ...

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