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How to Remove Dark Spots of Pimples

Hola ladies!!  Dark spots of pimples look very ugly on our face. Everyone wants to remove these dark spots but these spots are very stubborn. Pimples are the worst skin care problem and their spots of are also very unwanted. Many cosmetics promise you that they easily remove your dark spots but actually they don’t do anything. So go for natural ingredients. I have some home remedies to remove these spots, you can use them daily or twice a week. They are ...

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Biotique Bio Dandelion Ageless Lightening Serum Review

Hello girls, Happy new year to all of you. Hope all of you have a fun and success filled 2014. Time passes by real fast and with each passing year our skin needs more and more attention to fight ageing. 25 years is the right time to start with the initial steps towards using anti ageing products.. Though, there is no need to be obsessed with them but it’s better to start timely. Today, my post is about this not ...

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