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Simple Natural Remedies to Stop Frizzy Hair after Straightening

Frizzy Hair after Straightening

Simple Natural Remedies to Stop Frizzy Hair after Straightening – The beauty of sleek, straight hair is timeless. And to achieve that, many of us go for hair straightening. However, with hair straightening comes the hassle of frizzy hair. If you are also one of the victims, read this to know how to stop frizzy hair after straightening. If you are from the curly or wavy hair family, it is hard to resist the temptation of smooth, sleek and glossy hair. ...

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How to Repair Damaged Hair after Hot Styling | Home Remedies

How To Repair Damaged Hair After Hot Styling, Damaged Hair, Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

How to Repair Damaged Hair after Hot Styling – We love styling our hair in various ways. But what about the damage caused after hot styling? Here’s how to Repair Damaged Hair After Hot Styling. Straighteners, curlers, blow dryers etc are essential hair styling tools and they give your hair the desired look within minutes. But every coin has two sides! Hot styling leads to serious hair damage, especially if done on regular basis and without taking any precautions. Too ...

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10 Best Coconut Shampoos Available in India

Coconuts have always been my favorite. Whether its about drinking coconut water or relishing its malai or getting a champi using coconut oil. Coconut has nourishing properties which benefits the skin, hair and the overall well being of the body.  It is filled with anti oxidants, MCT, Lauric Acid, Capric Acid which all together boosts immunity of the body against diseases and aids in weight loss too. While coconut strengthen and deep conditions the scalp and hair here are 10 ...

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Patanjali Hair Conditioner Review

Hi friends 🙂 Today I am sharing Patanjali Hair Conditioner Review. Due to my dry hair ends conditioner is must for me. Before this conditioner I was using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner from last 2- 3 months, But after all these all products contain chemical that makes hair frizz, dry and unmanageable end of the use overall chemical treated hair or damaged hair. So I thought lets try something free of chemical and I brought this Patanjali Hair Conditioner for me, ...

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Jovees Restructuring Hair Oil Review

A big hi to all 🙂 Today I will review hair oil from Jovees which I brought two week ago and is Jovees Restructuring Hair Oil Review. Actually I haven’t brought this, the sales person over there have compelled me to buy this. I usually always use olive oil for my hair, so when I was searching for a face wash I saw this product but the person over there told me to take this as it a very effective product ...

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Egg Hair Pack for Damaged Hair

Hi beauties, I am back with another DIY, and this time it is for hair i.e. Egg Hair Pack for Damaged Hair. From my straightener review, you would know by now, I straighten my hair every week. My hair goes through serums, heat Protectants and heat effect. Going to the parlor is really not feasible for me and drains a big hole in my pocket. So here I am with a hair mask after a thorough experiment with mix and match ...

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