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10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper

Every household has piles of tissue papers which if used in beauty hacks can actually save a lot of money. For example every person must keep a box of tissue paper in their bags to keep their face and hands clean and hygienic throughout. These tissue papers can help you keep your makeup in place and you would look fresh throughout. Today I will be sharing 10 Beauty Hacks using Tissue Paper.

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Multiple Uses of Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are something we know about since when we were so young and our mothers would tie our hairs with those. Also most of us must have memories of childhood like I do, passing bobby pins one by one to our moms while she was making her hair bun 🙂 And now when from kids we have turned up into beautiful ladies, we still keep these pins always in our vanity and use them in our everyday hairstyles and ...

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How to Dress Up Bobby Pins

How to Dress Up Bobby Pins Hi friends, today i will show you How to Dress Up Bobby Pins. Looking for a fancy hairpin that won’t cost your pocket? Instead of dropping big bucks on a designer clip at a retail store, make your own using industrial strength glue and gems from home.

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