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How To Get Rid of Yellow Nails | Best Home Remedies

Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Yellow Nails, Yellow Nails

How To Get Rid of Yellow Nails- Many of us suffer from yellow nails or stained nails. Often they appear after we remove our nail polish. Yellow nails are quite common, but they look unpleasant and they are quite embarrassing as well. Nail polish, specially the darker shades are one of the main reasons that cause yellow nails. There are other reasons as well, such as chronic liver disease, fungal infection, smoking, poor lifestyle, excessive use of poor quality nail polish ...

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This is How I Remove Dark Nail Paint Stains from My Nails

This is How I Remove Dark Nail Paint Stains from My Nails – We girls love wearing nail paints. And I personally prefer dark nail paints as they give a gorgeous look to my hands, making them appear bright and beautiful. But a coin has two sides, my dear! Dark nail paints look awesome, but the real problem starts when you want to remove them. More often than not, dark nail paints leave behind stains on our nails which look ...

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7 Important Hacks to Make Your Manicure Last Longer

7 Important Hacks to Make your Manicure last longer

7 Important Hacks to Make Your Manicure Last Longer  – Hello friends, hope you all are doing good this summer days. On my side, I am enjoying writing for you guys because I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. Well, talking about today’s topic, I would be sharing 7 Important Hacks to Make Your Manicure Last Longer. Manicure is the latest fashion trend for girls that seems to gain importance these days and here we brought you some important ...

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Best Nail Paint of 2015

Nail paint or nail polishes are the easiest way to beautify our hands. It is almost impossible to find a girl who doesn’t love to paint her nails!! Nail polish helps to lift our mood and makes us feel confident and beautiful inside and out. Beautifully kept nails is actually great way to feel good! So girls, today I shall be revealing Best Nail Paint of 2015. And the award goes to Nykaa Pop Nail Enamel Strawberry Tart No 24. ...

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How to do Hot Oil Manicure

Hey friends how are you? Today my post is on How to do Hot Oil Manicure. After the festive season, your colleges, schools and offices are open now. In this whole hectic schedule we forget about our hands which actually does all the work silently in our daily routine. We all are conscious about how do our face look, but we don’t remember that our hands are our first impression because when we meet someone we start our introduction with ...

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