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List of Best Tan Removal Face Mask available in India

Tan Removal Face Mask

List of Best Tan Removal Face Mask available in India – Tanned skin is loved and desired by a large number of people across globe, but not here in India. Indian society is still obsessed with fair skin color and someone, specially a girl with tanned, dark skin had to go through a lot, here. Apart from the beauty concern, there are other reasons also to avoid sun tan. Sun tan is basically skin darkening by sun’s UV rays. Excess amount ...

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Aroma Magic Anti Pigmentation Glossy Pack Review

Hello Readers, today I will be sharing Aroma Magic Anti Pigmentation Glossy Pack Review. In summers the biggest threat to clear skin is sun damage which can give pigmentation, patchy complexion, sun spots etc. This happens to every second person even after taking layers of protection in the form of sunscreen. If not treated in time these marks become stubborn and eventually only professional treatments can make some difference. Therefore, an anti pigmentation pack should be kept handy. Thus I ...

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Banjara’s 15 Minute Gold Face Pack Review

Hello girls, Banjara’s 15 Minute Gold Face Pack Review is what I will be sharing with you all today. Who doesn’t love to have a glowing skin all year round? Most of us go for facials before a wedding or function and we can’t stop admiring our glowing and radiant face in our mirror after that. But then once we go back to our daily routine life, we tend to ignore our skin. That doesn’t mean we need to spend ...

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Five Remedies to Remove Tanning

Hey BhB friends, Today I will be talking about Five Remedies to Remove Tanning. I know you all are thinking that this post should be published on summer but in winters your skin can also get tanned by sun. Sun is so harsh for our skin that no matter we are talking about summer or winter, sun’s UVB and UVA ray is equally harmful. So we have to think about our skin. And I prefer quick and homemade remedies. You ...

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