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15 Top Benefits of Amla and Uses that You Should Know

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15 Top Benefits of Amla and Uses that You Should Know – Amla, or Indian gooseberry is one of the most common ingredients in Ayurvedic preparations. It is a powerhouse of nutrients. We will talk about the top benefits of amla in this article. Amla can be consumed in any form – amla powder, amla juice or can be eaten raw as well. Amla, or Indian gooseberry is a very rich source of Vitamin C and along with that, it also ...

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Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash Review

Hi all 🙂 I am back with another review today – Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash Review. It is a herbal hair pack. I usually make my own hair packs at home using a mixture of curd, aloe vera gel and any herbal powder like amla powder, hibiscus powder, fenugreek powder or curry leaves powder. But during winters, I started getting cold when I keep curd based packs on my hair for a long time. So I started looking for ...

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Meghdoot Satritha Shampoo Review

Hello glamorous girls 🙂 With Christmas ending, the year 2015 is also nearing to a close, paving way for 2016. And New year spells the opportunity to doll up, let one’s hair down and soak in fun and frolic. Isn’t it? 🙂 Given my fixation with organic/herbal and cruelty-free stuff, I bought yet another herbal shampoo. It is Meghdoot Satritha Shampoo. It is a product that comes from the renowned brand “Khadi”, is cruelty-free and 100% vegan.

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Dabur Amla Hair Oil Review

Hello readers! Here I am presenting you Dabur Amla Hair Oil Review. Hair oil is an integral part of my hair care routine since childhood. Taking care of our hair is extremely important, long beautiful hair not only gives us good look, but also boosts our confidence. And beautiful hair indicates that our hair is pampered. Oiling our hair is one of the best way for our hair to grow and gain strength. Plus, oiling hair regularly is also the ...

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5 Amla Powder Hair Pack Recipes

Hey girls!! Today I am back with another new post – 5 Amla Powder Hair Pack Recipes. We always run for the new product in the market. We keep on changing our brand and keep on trying different variants available in the market. But we never try to find out something natural and homemade, or something which can be easily found and used. Something which won’t harm us, which wont sacrifices ones desire to fulfill others. There are lots of kitchen ...

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Is Amla Good for Hair Growth?

Is Amla Good for Hair Growth

Amla is the best fruit for a good health. It is Indian goose berry which is the remedy for skin, diet and hair problems. It uses in fresh or dried state. It consumes very easily. It is found in India and Nepal. This beneficial fruit belongs to euphorbiaceae family. It has many uses in ayurvedic treatments. Amla is said to have many benefits for hair. But Is Amla Good for Hair Growth? Read on to know.

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VLCC Natural and Herbal Henna with Amla and Shikakai Extracts Review

VLCC Natural and Herbal Henna with Amla and Shikakai Extracts Review is I am going to talk about. I am getting ready for this winter cum festive season and have done a lot of shopping of beauty essentials. After all, we all want to look the best and glowing. One of the products is VLCC henna. I am not a regular henna user but since winter is approaching, I added to my kitty. I get a lot of dandruff in ...

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Patanjali Amla Hair Oil Review

Hey girls Patanjali products addicted girl is again here and Today I am sharing my Patanjali Amla Hair Oil Review. I love patanjali products a lot. They all are natural and made with no chemical at all. Patanjali products always works for me and even now I am also blindly trust on this Patanjali brand so I keep trying them in my regular life. I have super dry hair so I used hair oils very often in all season to keep ...

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