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Raw Rituals Black Magic Face Scrub Review

How many Bollywood movies fans out there on BhB? Everyone, of course. How many horror movie fans on Bhb? Ummm..everyone except me. Yep, that is a true story. As much as I hate to confess but horror movies are watched by me under a blanket with a my ears and eyes closed for almost 90% of the duration of the movie 😛 About the remnant 10%, well I move out of the room/cinema hall. Naturally, when the word Black Magic ...

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5 Activated Charcoal Products Available in India

Activated Charcoal or Carbon is commonly used in several skin care products which are designed for oily and acne prone skin. It has anti aging and super absorbing properties which extracts the impurities from the skin, clarifies the complexion and tightens skin making way for youthful and glowing skin. Besides being available in capsule form it is easily found in these following products. Read on to know the 5 Activated Charcoal Products Available in India.

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Activated Charcoal for Skin Care

Activated charcoal is one such ingredient that has taken the beauty industry by storm of late. The use of activated charcoal isn’t new. It has been long used for medicinal purpose as well as for purifying water. The latest trend sees activated charcoal being used in beauty and skin care products. We all are aware of Pond’s face wash and some other face washes containing activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is an excellent natural ingredient that helps to purify and deep ...

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