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23 Things in Your Kitchen You can Use Right Now to Get Rid of Acne

23 Things in Your Kitchen You Can Use Right Now to Calm Your Acne & Get Rid of It, Acne, Acne Treatment, Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne

23 Things in Your Kitchen You Can Use Right Now to Get Rid of Acne – Life happens, and with it comes skin flare-ups and unwanted blemishes that you can’t run to the drugstore to fix. Acne is a very common problem and it can happen to anyone, from any age group. Though, those in their teenage, suffer the most. Acne happens when the pores of our skin get clogged with oil, dirt and dead skin cells. However, too much stress, ...

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hello girls! the solution for your problem is here. Acne is a common problem faced by almost all teen-agers and youth. What is acne and why do we get them. Acne is actually caused because of hormone imbalance. Your skin breaks out because of a hormone called testosterone. Both men and women have testosterone in their systems. In fact, did you know that in order to make testosterone, boys bodies have to make female hormones first? If you have acne, you ...

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Beauty Benefits of Vinegar Bath

Hello all 🙂 I am back with a new post and this time it is Beauty Benefits of Vinegar Bath. Vinegar is not only a very useful ingredient in our kitchen, but it has a number of health benefits. There are various types of vinegar available in the market, such as white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, wine vinegar etc. Vinegar has been used as natural remedies for various skin and health issues for over 10,000 years. In Ayurveda, hot vinegar ...

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Glowderma Glocin Gel Review | Price, Ingredients, Availability

Glowderma Glocin Gel Review – Hey guys! I have left for Ludhiana on 3rd of December. The shaadi season is here, and so is my cousin’s wedding.So, all packed up and excited, I’ll write a review after a good long gap. The product that I am going to review here is Glowderma Glocin Gel. My doctor has prescribed this to me; lets move on to Glowderma Glocin Gel Review and see if he was a good doctor or not! Check ...

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6 Food Tips for Acne

No no no not again, yeah this is what I scream when I see a pimple on my face. Don’t you guys get worried like me? I hate these pimples, they come, they go, they stay, they burst. I keep on trying different creams and oil, some work, some give me breakouts. One day I was travelling in metro and I found a lady, she was a dietician and she told me about various food especially some effective food for ...

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Beauty Benefits of Plums

Hey girls!! How is all going??? Today I am back with new skin care topic. I am going to share the Beauty Benefits of Plums. Yummy plums are so juicy and this is my one of the most favorite fruit. I try to eat this every season. Plums are not easy to find in my city but it is easily available in big cities. It is not only very beneficial for skin, beauty, health but it also protects your heart. Dil ...

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Reasons for Adult Acne

Acne is a skin problem that many girls suffer from especially in their teenage years. In most people, the acne gets led severe and eventually subsides by the age of twenty or so when a person grows up. However, in some people, acne can recur in adult life, too. Reasons for Adult Acne are basically the same as teenage acne but adult acne are more severe and since the adult skin is less resilient than young, teenage skin which has a ...

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