Surprising uses of Conditioner You must Know

Surprising Uses of Conditioner You Must Know – Hi, here I am back with another surprising post. This is about uses of conditioner. Recently, I was having a bad hair phase. My hairs were literally dry and I was having a very bad hair shedding. I could see my hair all over my room and bathroom. So, I decided to throw all the fancy shampoo and conditioners and buy some trusted hair care products which have actually worked for my hairs. This left me with numbers of conditioners. Actually shampoos are much easier to use but conditioners are not that easy. They stay for pretty long time. So, here I have come up with some of the easy Surprising Uses of Conditioner You Must Know.

Surprising Uses of Conditioner You Must Know

Surprising Uses of Conditioner You Must Know

1. Shaving Creams

Shaving Creams

Yes, you heard it right. They can be super shaving creams. They not only will hydrate your skin but also will make the shaving process much easier and the shaving closer too.

2. Alternative to Dry Cleaning

Why spend extra bucks on dry cleaning when you can do it at home. Just add some 2-3 drops of conditioners in your bucket full of water and dump your clothes in it. It will be equivalent to dry cleaning at any laundry.

3. Revitalize Makeup and Paint Brushes

Revitalize Makeup and Paint Brushes

it happens with me normally that my makeup brushes and paint brushes becoming a bit stiff after long usage. So, what you can do is that. This can be one of the uses of conditioner to wash makeup and paint brushes. That way they will be much softer and clean too.

4. Tame Flyaway

Are you also irritated with your baby fine hairs? Then here is your remedy. Try to add some conditioner over your baby hairs. This will make them stay at place.

5. Freshen Furniture

Add some conditioner in a spray bottle filled with water. Now, spray this at your old furniture and even on your curtains. This will freshen up everything with a fresh smell. And i am sure this will be one of the best uses of conditioner.

6. Soften Clothes and Carpets

Soften Clothes and Carpets

Spray some conditioner diluted in water. This will soften your hard clothes and carpets and make them very easy and comfortable to use.

7. Prevent Iron Materials from Rusting

Have you ever thought that a conditioner can do this? Well, yes. Apply a thick layer of conditioner on the iron tools and you can prevent them from rusting for years.

8. Shine Stainless Steel

You can spray the diluted water containing conditioner on your stainless steel products. They will add shine which even your clothes dusting cannot do.

9. Silence the Squeaking Doors

Silence the Squeaking Doors

This might be one of the surprising uses of conditioner for you. Do you have doors in your house which make horrible noise? What to do? Applying oils is an age old formulae. But the newest thing is that you can also apply a bit of conditioner to silence those horrifying noises.

10. Cuticle Cream

Cuticle Cream

It often happens with me that my cuticles are not even. They become rough and tear from places. So, use a bit of conditioner on your cuticles. This serves as a perfect cuticle cream.

11. Makeup Remover

Have you ever thought that one of the uses of conditioner can be as a makeup remover? Well, you should try it once. This works as a fab makeup remover and it not only removes makeup but also keep your skin baby soft.

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12. Wash Lingerie

 Wash Lingerie


lingerie are not that easy to wash specially the premium ones. so, what should you do is that make a mixture of 2-3 drops of conditioner and lots of water and dip your favorite lingerie into them.

13. Soften the Zipper

Soften the Zipper

I am sure all of us have that zip dress in which the zip is not cooperative. It refuses to go down. So, use a connotation of conditioner to make it soft and easy to work with.

So, this were some of the uses of conditioners other than on your hairs. let me know if you liked them in the comments down below. Also, if you are aware of any other uses then also let me know.

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