Sunsilk Co-creations Hair fall Solution Shampoo Review

Hey girls, Hope you all enjoying the chilled weather. Today I am reviewing sunsilk shampoo which controls hair fall. Hairfall is something which is encountered by 90% of the girls and maximum girls search for hairfall control and silky shining hair formula while buying for a shampoo. I am glad that I got mine in the form of Sunsilk Co-Creations developed by the Hairfall expert Dr. Francesca Fusco. I have tried many shampoos but finally got something that’s really worth it. The product is co-created by the hair fall expert claiming that we can get strong hair, less hair fall and expert touched hair in just few weeks. And I feel that I made a right decision by buying this product. Today my post is about Sunsilk Co-creations Hair fall solution shampoo Review.
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Sunsilk is a very old brand and frankly speaking I never looked into Sunsilk shampoo variants before the co-creations variant was launched. I was convinced to buy this new launch last year and from then and now I am still using it. Even though I switched to some over priced salon product in-between but I am back to it and frankly speaking, Sunsilk Co-creations Hair fall Solution Shampoo always comes into rescue. A Hindustan Unilever (HUL) Brand has a big customer base and has quite popular products in its kitty which are a huge hit among the mass. The variants of co-creations are equally hit among consumers. HUL is a huge brand with an annual turn over of INR 20,000Cr. It has a huge customer base and product range. In rural areas HUL products have strong hold and they market their products very aggressively and tact fully.

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Price: Rs. 56/- for 80 ml.

Direction of using : Lather to clean the scalp and remove the dirt. Rinse and repeat once again. For best results use it daily along with Sunsilk conditioner.

Key ingredients:

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Color: Creamy sparkling white.

Smell: It has a very pleasant and soothing fragrance.

Shelf Life : 2 years

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What Sunsilk co-creations Hair fall solution shampoo Claims

Sunsilk co-creation hairfall expert Dr. Francesca Fusco claims that “I Dr. Francesca Fusco, I specialize in solving hair fall problems. Weakened hair fiber is prone to hair fall it is important to nourish hair fall from root to tip. Sunsilk and I have co-created a shampoo that addresses the problem of hair fall. My intense formula enriched with SOYA VITAMIN COMPLEX strengthens every inch of your hair”.

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My experience with Sunsilk co-creations Hair fall solution shampoo

Sunsilk shampoo comes in a golden plastic bottle with a dark brown flip-open cap. It is a strong break proof packaged bottle and hence I carry it around while travelling. The texture of the shampoo is very creamy ideal for using as a shampoo. The fragrance is really very much soothing and stays for a long time even after the hair wash. It lathers well and very little is required to wash off the dirt from my and clean thoroughly.

Sunsilk Co-creations Hair fall Solution Shampoo has a good lasting period and of course value for money product. The flip open cap is tight enough to avoid leakage and the bottle shape is such that it provides good grip for holding it. Only thing is that since the bottle is opaque we are not able to judge the quantity of the shampoo left in the bottle. Rest everything I encountered is good enough to give this product a tryJ. Friends this product is worth investing in and a good daily use shampoo as well as for hair control.

Overall this expert co-creation shampoo is worth a try especially for controlling hair fall as it fullfils its claims to a quite impressive extent. It is a value for money product which is capable of nourishing hair controlling fuzz and hair fall.

Good about Sunsilk co-creations Hair fall solution shampoo

  • Good in controlling hairfall
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Impressive results
  • Value for money product
  • Enriched with soya vitamin complex
  • Nourishment to hair from root to tip
  • Strengthens hair

Bad about Sunsilk co-creations Hair fall solution shampoo

  • Bottle packaging could be better as in a little transparent to judge the quantity in it.
  • Contains long list of chemicals.
  • No herbal content.

Availability: Easily available

Fashion and Beauty Ratings: 4/5  ♥♥♥♥

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    very well written and explained 🙂

  3. good review piyali 🙂

  4. Hi Piyali.. I got hair loss problem since 4 years. I had tried all possible shampoos and had even been taken treatments, yet to try sunsilk co-creation hair loss shampoo though. Do you say this shampoo will definitely do magic? Or do I need to try something else that will get rid of my hair fall sickness?
    Your reply will be appreciated!

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