Sunban Sunscreen Lotion Review | Price, Claims, Ingredients

Sunban Sunscreen Lotion Review – Today my post is about Sunban Sunscreen Lotion Review. so Wass up Beauties… This post is all about how to take care of your skin in Summers when the chances of skin damage is more with harmful sun rays. In general the damage to skin happens more with direct Sun exposure. To have beautiful, nourishing & damage free skin one should go for Sun protection ( cover your skin with Cloth & apply a good SPF sun screen lotion)

Sunban Sunscreen Lotion Review, Sunban Sunscreen Lotion, Sunban, Sunscreen Lotion

Sunban Sunscreen Lotion Review

Sun Ban is one of the best & effective Sun protection formulas, which prevents the skin from direct sun rays attack. To get a flawless skin one should apply this on regular basis whenever you step out of your home.

Sunscreen from Sunban tube, Sunban Sunscreen Lotion, Sunban, Sunscreen Lotion

Price of Sunban Sunscreen :

Rs.220 for 60 ml

Directions for Use : After Bath & face wash, Apply the lotion over the area which is uncovered & will be exposed directly to Sun rays. Apply lotion around 15 minutes before you step out, Lotion will be absorbed by the skin & makes a Sun protection shell over the area wherever applied. For best results apply this lotion daily even in Winters.

Sunban Sunscreen Lotion Ingredients :

Key Ingredients : Octyl Mathoxycinnamante, Oxy benzone, Titanium Dioxide, Micronised Silica Coated in a cream base containing water proofing agent, Methylparaben , Propylparaben.

Sunban Sunscreen ingredients, Sunban Sunscreen Lotion, Sunban, Sunscreen Lotion

Shelf Life : 36 months

Color : white

Smell : Light fragrance & it lasts for few minutes only.

What Sunscreen from Sunban Claims

It protects the skin from direct sun damage & best suited for Sensitive skin type.

Sunban Sunscreen swatch, Sunban Sunscreen Lotion, Sunban, Sunscreen Lotion

My Experience with Sunban Sunscreen Lotion

Sunban Sunscreen Lotion contains all key ingredients which protects the skin from Sun & pollution attack. It works best for Sensitive skin & helps in protection from harmful UV rays attack.

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Pros of Sunban Sunscreen

  • Claims are so true.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Carry.
  • Easy to Apply & Use.
  • Works best when used as directed.
  • Worth Buy Product.
  • Applicable in all season.
  • Good for all Skin types (Oily, Normal as well as Dry)
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin.
  • Non- Sticky like other Sunscreen lotions.

Cons of Sunban Sunscreen

  • It is sticky for first few minutes & after some time the lotion is absorbed by the skin. For first 15- 20 mins it is sticky.
  • The Packaging doesn’t seems to be very good.

Availability : Not easily Available, On medical Stores & Big Retailers would have this product.

BeautifulhameshaBlog Rating : 4/5 ♥♥♥♥

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  1. heard first time about this lotion sounds good type…. 🙂

  2. ya it looks good.. 😀

  3. Sticky for 15-20 minutes.. too time consuming na :-s

  4. plzz review about. sunban ultra sunscreen

  5. Can this lotion be used for face? Or is it limited only to the body?

  6. I used this lotion. It is good bt i i want this nw agn…..
    Hw nd whr i can get it plzzzz….. reply …
    I live in new Zealand now so ?
    Can i get it here???

  7. Is sunban lotion is work on pimple marks…

  8. pimples spot ke liye konsi cream use kare plz success…

  9. Grishma Bhandari

    This sunscreen is worth buying. You may feel sth different earlier days but after using regularly you can see the changes in face. I have been using it since 10 months.

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