Summer Skincare with Ponds Silk Cream

With the changing weather, not only is it time for a change in attire, but also for a switch from heavy creams to lightweight moisturizers. It is very common for women to stop moisturizing their skin during summers. However, light moisturizers become all the more important in this season to save your skin from dehydration and dullness. So lets check it out Summer Skincare with Ponds Silk Cream.

Summer Skincare with Ponds Silk Cream

During summers, due to excessive heat,the body sweats profusely, leading to loss of fluids resulting in dehydration. Constant exposure to UV rays also lowers the hydration levels of the skin. This loss of moisture affects the skin adversely making it look dull. So, it is recommended to use a moisturizer which is non-greasy and lasts longer.

Remaining in doors in an air-conditioned room might seem like an easy solution. However, air conditioners often have a drying effect on our skin and can up set the skins natural moisture-balance.

Ponds Silk Cream

Thus, it is vital to use a moisturizing cream that will not just counter these effects on the outside but also helps restore moisture and suppleness from the inside. Ponds Silk Cream is a light luxurious non greasy formula which instantly absorbs into the skin,making it an ideal solution for your daily moisturizing needs. Vitamin E helps hydrate the skin from deep within and Vitamin B3 makes skin look visibly radiant.Suitable for all skin types, the new Ponds Silk Cream is a must have for nourished incomparably soft skin.

Skincare with Ponds Silk Cream

Swatch of Ponds Silk Cream

A nourishing treat from the Ponds Institute, the Ponds Silk cream is available across all leading stores in India. It comes in three pack sizes:

30 ml for Rs.55/- ,
55 ml for Rs.99/-,
100 ml for Rs.150./-

Have you tried it ?

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