Summer means these Products are must in every Bag

Summer means these Products are must in every Bag – Hi Beauties! It’s summer, ladies. And that means time to refresh makeup bag. Here I am back with my post which is useful and helpful for us i.e Summer means these Products are must in every Bag. I trust a lot on products which are a must have in my bag. They are generally my life-line. I carry all my stuff in my bag. Actually my bag is a mini – version of my world. So, you will find loads of stuffs there which i may not require on daily basis but even then i keep them just for the emergency times. So, since the summer season has arrived. Of course my bag contents have changed as per the season and so there is a new set of must have products in my bag. Let’s have a look at the list of Summer products

Summer means these products are must in every bag

Summer means these Products are must in every Bag

Wetted Tissue Papers –

Wetted tissue papers

Wetted tissues papers are like a must have in your bag. Summers means lot of sweat and thus your makeup going all around the place. So, you need a wetted tissue to keep the oil and sweat in control.

Face mists –

Face Mist for Summer

Face mists are like a boon in summers. Whenever you are in doubt or you are feeling too hot and sweaty just spray some of the mist on your face. This will instantly cool and freshen up your face. Not to forget you will also get a healthy glow on your face too.

Compacts for Summer –

Compact is another handy product in summers to control your oil and sweat. What compact does is that it controls your makeup and keeps it in place. And your face will look all fresh and presentable all throughout the day.

Deodorants for Summer  –

Deodorants is another must have product in your bag for the upcoming summer season. You might feel all sweaty and dull. But then you spray deodorants and instantly you wake up with a fresh and refreshing smell.

Sunglasses for  Summer –

sunglasses for summer

Yes, you need to bring the style out to beat the heat. Sunglasses are really cool in summers. They instantly glam up your look and your entire personality. And today you can get hoards of options in terms of sunglasses. So, pick your choice and flaunt your quirky side.

Hand gloves –

If you are the one who has to travel in scooty or auto then hand gloves is a must. Tanning is a regular issue in summers. And so in order to prevent you from tanning what comes handy is your hand gloves.

Sunscreens for Summer –

Sunscreens are like the accessory in summers. You must carry it everywhere you go. Because doesn’t matter how much is the SPF, you need to re-apply it several times of the day. So, make sure you carry a mini-version of the sunscreen every time in your handbag.

Scarves –

scarves for summer

Scarves are another quintessential items required in your handbag. You need to cover your face and protect it from the sun, dirt and all the pollution. Also, make sure that the scarve is fully cotton otherwise you might end up perspiring a lot inside only.

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Waterproof Makeup –

While you are buying makeup for summers try to go for the waterproof version. This is a must have as you would like to control all the sweat and perspiration in summer. So, invest in waterproof mascara, liner, foundation and likewise.

Primer for Summer –

Primer ensures the longetivity of your makeup. And since in summers the major issue is the running or wearing off makeup. So, make sure that you apply and prep your skin with a primer underneath.

So, these were some of the top 10 summer products which should be immediately be part of your bag. Let me know if you want to add more products in the comments down below.

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Pallavi Lives in the shopaholic Delhi. Yes, she is a big shopaholic and movie freak too. she loves fashion and styling too. But her makeup is limited to kohl s and lipsticks. they are her safe choices. But she is learning to expand her horizon. she loves trying different skin care products too.


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