Summer Hair Care Tips

Hello girls! Today I will be sharing Summer Hair Care Tips. The temperature is rising and life is getting difficult. Blazing sun, sweat, excessive heat take toll in our health, skin and hair. Hot summer sun is harmful for our skin and it equally affects our hair. Our hair turns so dull and lifeless in summer. The scorching rays of sun damages our hair cuticle and our hair gets frizzy and unattractive. Also sweat accumulation on scalp leads to greasy hair and various scalp infection as well which in turn can cause severe hair fall. Definitely summer is not a friend of our hair. Rather summer can become a nightmare for our hair if proper hair care is ignored. Therefore summer hair care is very important to keep our tresses healthy even in boiling temperature. In this post, we have compiled few Summer Hair Care Tips that will make your life, err, your hair’s life easier πŸ™‚ So lets get started!

Summer Hair Care Tips

Regular Hair Wash for Summer Hair Care

This is the basic of summer hair care. Dust, dirt, oil and sweat tends to accumulate on the scalp and can lead to various hair problems. So it is important to wash hair regularly to keep the scalp clean. Use mild shampoo and rinse your locks with cold water. This will relax the scalp and hair amidst hot summer.

Scalp Massage for Summer Hair Care

oil massaging among Summer Hair Care Tips

Massaging your scalp is important in summer as it improves the blood circulation and relaxes the hair. Massage your scalp at least twice a week with olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil. These oils not only moisturizes the hair, but also protects them from blazing summer sun.

Try Vinegar for Summer Hair Care

Another amazing way to maintain healthy hair in summer. Applying apple cider vinegar on the scalp will not only gives relief from hair dryness, but it also takes care of itchy scalp and keeps the entire body cool.


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Moisturize Your Locks for Summer Hair Care

moisturizing shampoo and conditioner among Summer Hair Care Tips

If you feel that the scorching sun is stealing away the natural moisture from your hair, leaving you with dry, rough tresses, then its time to pamper your hair with gentle shampoo and conditioner. Try homemade hair masks too before shampooing your hair.

Rose Water Wash for Summer Hair Care

rose water wash among Summer Hair Care Tips

Rose water is great for skin and its great for hair as well. Use rose water rinse at least twice a week. It will soothe the irritated scalp and nourish the hair as well.

Keep Hair Open for Summer Hair Care

leave hair open among Summer Hair Care Tips

This is an important part of summer hair care that most of us often ignore. In order to get relief from heat and sweat, we often tie up our hair in ponytail or top knot. But one should not tie hair for a long period of time in summer as it will make scalp sweat more which can results in greasy hair and scalp infections. So leave your hair open and enjoy the wind in your hair.

Cool Hair Masks for Summer Hair Care

cooling hair mask among Summer Hair Care Tips

Cool hair masks in summer helps to keep hair and scalp away from various hair problems. Use cucumber juice or onion juice as cool hair masks in summer. Alternatively, you can use cucumber juice as hair rinse once in a week to keep the scalp cool and fresh.

Avoid Sun for Summer Hair Care

Never ever step out in the sun without a hat or scarf. It is important to protect our hair from sun as the harmful rays of sun can make hair dry, rough and cause split ends.

Ditch the drier for Summer Hair Care

Let your scalp relax a bit in summer. Avoid using too much heat in your scalp. Take a break from blow drier, hair curler and straightener to maintain healthy hair in summer.

These are some basic Summer Hair Care Tips that will help you to stop summer heat from playing havoc on your hair. Apart from following these tips, do consume plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated. Hope you find the post helpful, thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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