Suffering from Skin Pigmentation then Know Why it is Happening

Suffering from Skin Pigmentation then Know Why it is Happening – Hi Everyone! Today I will share my post about Suffering from Skin Pigmentation then Know Why it is Happening. We girls have to go through a number of skin concerns. Some of them are temporary whereas some are permanent. We tend to take those skin concerns very lightly but sometimes if they are not properly or timely addressed then they can prove to be fatal. Even they can turn into permanent skin concerns too. So, the need of the time is to understand your skin concerns timely and act on them. One of such major skin concerns which I have faced is pigmentation. See pigmentation is very common in girls and it is more of a temporary. But if we don’t take proper care then it can turn into a permanent thing too. But it is not easy to take care of skin pigmentation. Before taking care you might be aware about the reasons and causes of skin pigmentation. There can be numerous reasons of skin pigmentation and innumerable ways to take care. But different types of pigmentation should be addressable at different levels. Thus, this post is all about skin pigmentation causes and very helpful to us. So, if you are Suffering from Skin Pigmentation then Know Why it is Happening.

Suffering from Skin Pigmentation then Know Why it is Happening

Suffering from Skin Pigmentation then Know Why it is Happening

Too Much Sun Exposure

Too much sun exposure is one of the most common and everyday cause of skin pigmentation. If you are the one who gets tanned pretty easily or if you are staying outdoors for a very long time then you are bound to suffer with this. And what happens initially is that it is mild tanning but gradually if not taken care it turns into discoloration of your skin and later on pigmentation.

Skin Damage

Now, you can get any small to serious cuts in your daily life. That is just unavoidable. That is bound to happen. What happens is that some time your internal skin gets formed and heals the area gradually. But if it is a big cut then it will take time or may be the internal skin will not regenerate. And if the internal skin doesn’t comes out then the darker skin will take its place and thus pigmentation happens.

skin pigmentation

Skin Diseases

In terms of skin diseases I mean everything right from a simple allergy, eczema to even a small zit or pimple. What happens is that in all these cases the kind of medications you are taking is the major determinant. Sometimes there can be further reaction to your skin as a result of medications. And in case of pimples specifically keep your hands away. This will lead to a bigger pimple or worst acne or acne marks.

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Hair Removal

Yes I am sure you might be amazed to read this. But this is true. Improper hair removal can be a big cause of pigmentation. Regular waxing or threading doesn’t do much. But if you are going for a laser or bleach session then your facial hair is removed right from the roots. And this way if it is not removed properly or removed harshly then it can cause pigmentation. So, it is always advisable to go to quality skin treatment places.

pigmented skin

Hormonal Changes

One of the major causes of skin pigmentation in matured ladies. With time menopause or any birth control pills or pregnancy or even puberty can cause serious hormonal changes in your body and this hormonal changes definitely shows on your skin and as a result your skin suffers from pigmentation. But in most cases it is temporary but if it is permanent then don’t forget to consult a dermatologist immediately.

So, this were some of the most common causes of skin pigmentation. I am sure by know you have enough knowledge of skin pigmentation. Let me know if you have suffered from any of these in the comments down below.

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