Stylish Bollywood Wives

Stylish Bollywood Wives – Hiii Lovelies!! Today I am going to talk about Stylish Bollywood Wives. As everyone says behind every successful man there is a woman. So, in case of our Bollywood celebrities there is Bollywood wives too. Now, once when your partner is always in front of camera and media, you also need to look equally glamorous. After all these Bollywood wives only will accompany those celebrities too.

stylish bollywood wives

Stylish Bollywood Wives

And our Bollywood wives are not even an inch lesser than other Bollywood celebrities in terms of style and sexiness. You will be amazed to see some of them don’t even belong to the Bollywood spotlight but still they always manage to look equally chic and glam. Have a look at some of the most Stylish Bollywood Wives of our very own Bollywood celebrities.

Gauri Khan

gauri khan

The queen of our Bollywood king. She looks very inch of that diva. She has got style that even Bollywood actresses are jealous of. Every time she makes media appearance everyone misses a breathe and wonders that is why our king khan is so crazy about his wife.

Twinkle Khanna

twinkle khanna

Daughter of legendary actors Dimple Kapadia and Rajesh Khanna. She has good looks in her genes only. No wonder she has that amazing skin and hair too. And not to forget her own interior decorator line is something not to be ignored.

Kiran Rao

kiran rao

The super intellectual lady of our very own Mr. Perfectionist. She not only has established her name in the Bollywood through her work but also with her amazing sense of style. Her attitude is not only causal but equally chic and that’s why she features in one of the most stylish Bollywood wives list.

Mehr Rampal

mehr rampal

The wife of our very own hot model and actor Arjun Rampal. Not only she is hot but a supermodel too. With two daughters she has an impeccable body and amazing sense of style.

Manyata Dutt

manyata dutt

She not only is the wife of our Sanju baba but also CEO, socialite and a well-known face for a number of social campaigns. She looks equally amazing in her appearances be it on red carpet or in any other social gatherings.

Mana Shetty

She is the owner of a chain of luxury hotels, boat clubs, fashion stores and likewise. She not only is the true business woman but also commands style and sexiness.

Seema Khan

seemna khan

She owns a luxury boutique and is a wonderful fashion designer. Not only she designs clothes but also wears them fashionably.

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Priya Runchal

Wife of our very own hot supermodel John Abraham. And you know this lady is the super hot financial analyst. And after all our hot model himself choose him so she must have something more than looks.

Avantika Malik

avintika mailk

The non filmy wife of our chocolate hero. He married his childhood love who not only has that next door look but also amazing sense of style and oomph factor. Have you noticed her smile and their amazing chemistry in one single frame of Ek Mein aur ek tu. She looked amazing there.

Natasha Khan

natasha khan

The daughter of yesteryear actress Mumtaz who tied knot with Fardeen Khan. She also owns luxury boutique and precious designer jewellery line. She has darker skin tone but looks gorgeous with amazing skin.

Malaika Khan

malaika khan

The owner of diamond business. She is the wife of Zayed Khan and you would have seen her very few times making appearances. But she looked amazing every time.

So, that was some of the most Stylish Bollywood Wives of Bollywood celebrities. Let me know your favorite in the comments down below.

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