How to style a Blazer

Hello friends, We all knows Blazers are a wardrobe staple. Be it boardroom meetings or an evening out, blazers fit in perfectly. How to style a Blazer is question. They complete an outfit in elan and bring smartness to your overall persona.  The key is to create a balanced look. Styling a blazer is one of the oldest wardrobe woes, so let’s check in how you can wear it in style!
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How to style a Blazer

Way to style Blazer

  • You can wear your plain solid colored blazer with a checkered shirt and colored pants for a street style look.
  • Wear your pastel colored blazers over a dress and get a classic modern age look.
  • You can also pair your blazer with a V-neck or boat neck tee (graphic tees will rock the look). Style the whole old school look with a pair of skinny jeans and lots of funky jewelry. # collared tees are a strict no-no!
  • You can style up your basic black blazer with stylish brooches for that extra-special appeal. You can either stick to a statement piece or you can pin a bunch of them for a funky look.
  • Jewelry trend generally don’t go hand-in-hand with blazers. Bracelets get hidden under the heavy sleeves and necklaces get disturbed. So, the best accessories to wear with blazers are hair accessories. Punk headbands with spikes or bows or embellishments are ideal to play up the look, #Polka dotted ribbons can give a retro feel instantly!
  • You can also wear blazers with skirts. Make sure the blazer is not plain and simple, but rather printed or designed so as to avoid the school-girl uniform look.
  • Pick a blazer that flatters your shape and fits you like tailor-made. There’s no excuse to wearing ill-fitting ones.
  • For a tone-on-tone look, wear blazers with pants playing simply with the warm and cool shades of the same color.
  • Floral prints, animal prints and abstract prints in blazers can add glamour to even a regular outfit. However don’t play print-on-print as the actual style will be lost with the clash of prints.
  • You can ever wear men’s blazer for a tomboyish look. Just don’t forget to go for a messy hair up do with this edgy look.
  • You can switch in with your office blazer for a dinner date straight after office. All you need to do is add a pair of classic heels and a fun clutch. And you are all set!

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