Strobing Vs Highlighting: What’s the Difference?

Strobing Vs Highlighting: What’s the Difference? – It can be challenging to grasp the beauty industry’s terms or ever even fully comprehend how to go about it— because there are just too many buzzwords! For instance, highlighting and strobing both necessitate the use of softer, light-weight products. But what makes them different? We have gathered the information below to give you the scoop on the concepts of highlighting and strobing. Enough talk. Let’s get to the specifics!
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Strobing Vs. Highlighting

The difference between the two can be difficult to discern, but there is a simple way to tell the two apart.


Highlighting is a makeup technique that enhances the features of the face. It is done over the areas of our face where the light falls naturally (such as the cheekbones).

Also, highlighting is coupled with both contouring and strobing techniques.


Strobing is a standalone illuminating technique that gives the entire face a more velvety, vibrant appearance. It has created quite a stir on the internet, with many makeup enthusiasts eager to try out this new trend.

The highlighting elements in a strobe creme accentuate the facial features, giving it a contoured appearance without contouring. To put it simply, strobing is a highlighting technique for creating a natural-looking overall appearance.

It uses natural and artificial light to elevate the facial structures without using darker shades to conceal or shape the face.

The Strobing Highlighter Phenomenon

Thanks to strobing, many celebrities and runway models have an inner glow. Professional makeup artists are always looking for innovative ways to give their clients a touch of a statement look.

Strobing can lighten up any skin tone. While this was not a popular technique, talked about out in the open, it is now a well-known beauty tactic sweeping the beauty industry. Lets talk more about strobing vs highlighting.

Fair skin types-

Fair skin can look dull if certain face zones aren’t highlighted. Strobing highlighter helps in drawing out a lovely glimmer of a dewy glow.

It adds a layer of radiance and pops the eyes and the lips. Satin sheen, icy white, and pink highlighter palettes look fantastic on fair skin tones.

Medium Skin types-

The strobing technique on medium skin tones help create a warm, sunshiny radiance. Medium and olive skin tones in champagne, gold, and peach highlighters light up.

Darker Skin Types-

Strobing highlighter is most noticeable on darker skin tones. The techniques can draw attention to the person’s most prominent facial features such as under their brows, cheekbones, etc.

A pleasant gold or chocolate highlighter looks stunning on darker complexions.

How to achieve the look?

Now that we have talked quite a bit on strobing vs highlighting, let us move towards how to achieve the looks based on product type –

For highlighting, you want powders and creams that set. Meanwhile, strobe creme and liquids are best for strobing. You can mix the creme with other makeup solutions to create a glowing finish.

Adding a few creme drops to your foundation and blending it out over the face is an excellent start. Then you want to go ahead with the highlighter on the cheekbones and temples (or the areas where light best falls) for an additional strobe impact.

If you want to do it properly, we have listed below detailed step-by-step instructions for a strobing highlight makeup look.

4 Easy Step-by-Step Strobing Makeup Guide

Strobing is a simple highlighting technique that gives the skin an illuminated glow without the need to apply heavy makeup. The outcome is a youthful and sun-kissed look that is delicate and natural.

Step one. Start with a primer to even the skin texture, minimize the pores, and fill in any lines. It will also help in keeping your appearance radiant for the whole day. Take a foundation brush and gently apply the primer over the face.

Step two. Get the foundation, preferably a sheer with light to medium coverage (for a natural makeup look), and apply it uniformly on the face with a foundation brush. While using, remember to do the sweeping and dabbing, as it will help the product settle faster and smoother on the skin.

Step three. Pick a concealer two shades lighter than your original skin tone. Now, apply it to the features of your face you wish to conceal. Next, thoroughly blend the product on the areas using a concealer brush.

Step four. Now you go ahead and turn on the lights- apply the highlighter on the brow bone, cheekbones, and nose bridge. You can either use a brush to blend or use your fingers to make it look natural.

Step five. Next, take a fan brush and gently sweep the highlighter on the temples, cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and Cupid’s bow to give your look a popping glamour. And, finally, seal the deal with a lip gloss!

Mistakes To Avoid While Strobing- What Not To Do

The critical tip to remember is not to overuse the technique. There’s a delicate balance between having a glowy appearance and sweaty-looking skin.

Applying an illuminator or a strobe creme all across the face can give you an oily or sweaty appearance. Strobing is all about strategically using the formula to the high points of the face.

But for the best strobing results, you want a hue lighter than your skin tone by at least two shades. While strobing is about the glow, you want to achieve the glow from within and not appear like you’ve applied a slew of satiny highlighters to the face.

Avoid going off the rails with strobing if you’re going out during the day. You can let the natural light do its job to illuminate the face.

For oily skin types, try and avoid emphasizing the forehead, chin, and nose as these areas are already shiny. Finally, keep in mind– the more luminous the outcome will be, the better you blend the product.

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