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Hello Ladies!!! Do you always feel troubled while detangling hair? Or even do you loose hair because of its roughness despite having a problem free scalp. If the answers to the above questions are in positive then its time to add something to your existing lot of hair products. You guessed that right, it’s a hair potion that you need. A hair potion or serum helps to detangle hair and works best on wet hair. It conditions hair and fills in the gaps of the hair shaft. As a result the strands look nourished and does not break unevenly. Hair potions also help in keeping hair in place because frizzy and dry hair is difficult to manage, let alone styling. today my post is about Streax Hair Potion Review.
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Streax makes some super affordable hair products and this hair potion is just one among them. Streax Hair Potion is a hair detangler and moisturizer in one that can condition and soften hair. Streax Hair Potion consists of vitamin E and Almond oil which are known to nourish and condition hair. The best part of this hair potion is that it consists UV Block which is rare in other hair serums available in the market. Just as our skin needs to be protected against the sun, our hair needs a shield to prevent getting burnt under the sun. Again a hair potion can avail the required amount of moisturizer to the hair to ease detangling and prevent spilt ends and hair breakage.

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Price: Rs.140/- for 100 ml

Directions for use

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Ingredients : 

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Consistency: Runny and easy to apply.

Color: Colorless

Shelf Life: 2 years

Smell: Very pleasant and mild.

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What Streax Hair Potion Claims

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My Experience with Streax Hair Potion

Till sometime back I did not know how a hair serum could ease so many problems at one go. I had long, curly and frizzy hair that I oiled and applied shampoo to keep in shape. My scalp was fine and my hair looked soft too with some conditioning but these did not help in detangling hair. In fact, if I left my hair open then it became a total mess just in a few hours. Apart from that the frizziness destroyed every hair look I created that’s when I tried my hands on a Streax serum. That was another variant, this time I picked Streax Hair Potion because it claimed to be as good as a hair moisturizer.

As directed, hair serums work best on wet hair. In fact the moisture of the hair locks in the power of the serum, otherwise if serum is applied on dry hair, then hair the effect of it is cut short. It is to be applied solely on the hair strands and spread evenly throughout. If one is new with hair serums then do it putting your head upside down to avoid the serum reaching the scalp as ingredients contained in a serum are not fit for the scalp. To avoid hair breakage, its better to leave the Streax Hair Potion on hair and not comb hair until it becomes dry.

Once it is dry, it is fit to be detangled and combed through to style as usual. Streax Hair Potion makes the strands smooth and shiny and they detangle very easily. It imparts softness to the tresses and controls frizz to a great extent. Having a mild smell which gets lost once applied, Streax Hair Potion only leaves behind well conditioned hair. Being non sticky, it gets absorbed easily and does not make the hair limp when appropriate quantity is used. The highlight of this potion is its UV block formula which protects hair against the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Streax Hair Potion is highly recommended as it acts as an amazing hair detangler that softens hair and makes it silky smooth , is enriched with the goodness of vitamin E and protects hair from sun damage via UV Block.

Good about Streax Hair Potion 

  • Boon for dry and rough hair
  • Eases detangling
  • Contains the goodness of vitamin E and Almond oil
  • Imparts shine to hair
  • Conditions and makes hair soft
  • Controls frizz to a good extent
  • Contains UV protection
  • Non sticky
  • Mild smell
  • affordable

Bad about Streax Hair Potion

  • this variant is not easily available
  • contains silicones

Availability: Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating:  3.8/5 ♥♥♥•

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