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Hey all the makeup loving beauties, You all have question, How to remove Makeup. Today I will share some important tips to keep in mind while removing make up. Make up is must for every gorgeous girl who wants to look good and maintain a great image 🙂 . I will love t o share these tips which I have accumulated from magazines and newspapers past few years now. As we know that like applying makeup, removal of makeup properly is very very important for our skin. Or else the chemicals present in the makeup materials will have adverse effects on our facial skin. So removing it nicely is important. Now, let’s go through those.
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Lets start 

Steps or Procedure to Remove Make Up

1) Use baby Shampoo to remove makeup: Start by removing eye make up especially the mascara which is water proof one, as it is designed for its staying power. An excellent solution for this is baby shampoo. Apply it to a cotton ball or apply it using your fingertips, close your eyes and carefully rub downwards on the lashes. Repeat for a few times but do not stretch the delicate skin around the eye. You could also use wet wipes for the same but never use a regular make-up remover on the eyes as it sometimes causes itching and irritation to eyes.

2) Use Face Cleanser to remove makeup: Use a good face cleanser for the rest of your face. Avoid using soap as it is considered harsh for face and unless it is specially designed for the face like Dove soap as it claims to be safe for face and contains moisturizing cream in it.

3)  Use Baby Oil to remove makeup :  Another option to remove facial make up to use the baby oil. A majority of cosmetics are oil soluble and this makes baby oil an excellent solution to rid of traces of eye make up, blush, foundation etc. as we all know that make up removers are also made up of oil based solution.  Hence baby oil can be a very good alternative. Simply apply a little bit of baby oil to a tissue and gently wipe off over the face until the make up is gone. You don’t even need to use any soap after this just rinse your face with cool water and that’s it. You have a clean and clear face.

4) Rinse Face after using makeup remover : However if you have used make-up remover, rinse your face with lukewarm water to remove all the traces of the cleanser. Rinse your face a number of times and dry it off with a towel.

5)  Skin toning : Skin toning is a very important step. Use generously oil-free astringents, ones appropriate for your skin types. Apply it with a cotton ball and wipe till clean. Toners are very important for removing traces of make-up, oil and dirt that cleansers may have missed. Toners also work wonders to reduce pores, eliminate oil and refine the skin. It’s a lengthy process but worth the efforts.

6)  Moisturize it : After removing the make-up completely, make sure you follow up this procedure with moisturizing your skin. This step is as important as the rest of the procedures.

Procedure to Remove Make Up, Steps to remove makeup

Hope you all have enjoyed reading my post on removal of make-up, do follow these steps to get rid of damages caused by chemical based make-up cosmetics and all. Friends do share your views through your comments about it 🙂

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  5. nice tips I use baby oil for removing makeup

  6. I too use Baby oil for my full face. And it works better than all cleansers. Great post dear……….

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