St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel Review

St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel Review – Hi girls 🙂 Today I am back with a review – St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel Review. Aloe vera gel is a must in my skin care regimen. Not only because it has numerous skin benefits, but it can be used in various ways too. When it comes to aloe vera gel, like most of you, I also prefer Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel over others. I have lost count how many tubes I have finished so far. But this time, I wanted to try something new. Hence, I picked up this St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel. My previous experience with St. D’Vence products were pretty satisfactory. Based on that, I bought this one and it was available at a special price too.

St. D'Vence Aloe Vera Gel Review

St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel Review

St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel is a non oily moisturizer that provides relief from sunburn, minor burns, skin irritations, itching and dry skin issues. It is a fast absorbing, cooling gel which works perfect as an excellent daily moisturizer for entire body. Apart from aloe vera juice. it also contains neem extract. This aloe vela gel forms a protective barrier over the skin, protecting it from dryness and sun exposure. I have been using it for quite some time now. Read my St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel Review to know how it has fared me so far.

Price of St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel :

Rs.225/- for 250 ml (I got it for Rs.125/-)

Direction for use :

  • Apply to your body, section by section, starting at your ankles. Work all the up to your neck. Only put enough lotion on your hands to do each part.
  • Use a circular motion with light pressure.
  • Now your face. Starting at your forehead, use your fingertips and rub in tiny circular motions down to your chin.
  • Now your feet. Massage the top of your foot and work downward to your toes. Repeat the circular motion on your heel.
  • Now rub the remaining lotion completely into your hands.

St. D'Vence Aloe Vera Gel

St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel Ingredients :
St. D'Vence Aloe Vera Gel ingredients

Shelf life : 24 months

Color : Light green

Smell : Fresh fragrance like shaving cream

St. D'Vence Aloe Vera Gel pump dispenser

What St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel claims

St. D'Vence Aloe Vera Gel claims

St. D'Vence Aloe Vera Gel swatch

My experience with St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel

St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel comes in a transparent pump bottle. The bottle is made of plastic. The pump works nicely preventing any sort of product wastage. The pump style packaging is not travel friendly. The aloe vera gel is light green in color with thick gel like consistency. It has a refreshing smell, something like shaving cream.

Despite having thick consistency, it spreads easily on skin and gets absorbed quickly. St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel gives a nice cooling sensation once applied on the skin. It feels very soothing specially during hot summer days. This aloe vera gel can be applied all over the body. Being a light weight gel, it doesn’t feel sticky at all. Skin feels soft, supple and fresh for a long time.

This aloe vera gel contains Aloe Vera Juice and Neem Extracts. But the thing that disappoints me about St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel is that its ingredients list contains too many chemicals, like Urea, Sodium Methyl Paraben, Sodium Propyl Paraben, Tween 20, etc. Since it contains so many chemicals, so I do not use it on my face. I use this aloe vera gel on my hands and legs, especially on knees and elbows. So far it has not caused me any skin irritations.

In a nutshell, this St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel is not really up to the mark. It contains way too many chemicals. So, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

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Good about St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel

  • Nice smell
  • Easy to use
  • Non sticky
  • Provides cooling sensation
  • Skin feels soft and supple
  • Contains neem extract
  • Affordable

Bad about St. D’Vence Aloe Vera Gel

  • Not travel friendly packaging
  • Contains loads of chemicals

Availability : Online

BeautifulHamesha Rating : 2.5/5

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  1. neatly reviewed 🙂

  2. I would like you to realise that aloe vera in it’s pure form has a very short shelf life. So taking this into consideration, these chemicals added are necessary. Also you should check it up if these chemicals are safe to use on your face or not.
    Now i saw in another review regarding patanjali aloe vera gel that you have given it 4.9 stars. You really do not see a list of ingredients in there. So the big question is how do you know if your beloved patanjali contains worse chemicals or not? What did they have to hide that they decided to not enter the ingredients in the packaging. I believe it should have been a determining factor in your review. Now since you have a beauty blog, you should know if the ingredients really are harmful or not. Obviously in the price range you have chosen you will not find 99% aloe vera gel or so. Unless you go up to 500 or more. Those products are really good and they too contain chemicals. So just because some brand decided to skip up on chemicals you think it’s good? Why not think again.

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