Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal Review

Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal Review – Hello Readers, I am going to review Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal. On hot and humid days anything that works like an ultimate skin relief is a facial mist. Whether my skin feels dull or I need to freshen up my makeup, nothing works better. While there are many sprays and pricey makeup fixers available. What can be better than pure rose water which has been used since ages as the ultimate remedy to fix troubled skin. For a change this time I picked my rose water from Sri Sri Ayurveda and here is how it fared for me.

Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal Review

Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal Review

Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal is a product of Art of Living whose proceeds from sale of products are directed towards social initiatives. Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal range is developed using high quality medicines and rigorous study and research by traditional as well as modern doctors. This rose water is a unique blend of rose extract which aids in gentle cleansing, relieves from dryness, revitalized skin, enlightens the senses and tightens the pores.

Price of Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal : Rs.65/-

Price of Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal

Ingredients of Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal: Not mention

Shelf life: 1 years

Directions for Use Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal: see img

Directions for Use Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal
Color: Pink
Smell: Roses

Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal claims

Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal-Claims

Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal

Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal after spraying

My experience with Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal:

Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal has a spray bottle packaging and this is the best thing about this bottle of rose water. The spray is beyond perfect. It distributes the product evenly just like high end bottles of facial mists. There is never a lot of product accumulated at any part of the skin. The transparent body of the bottle makes detection of quantity pretty easy. It is absolutely travel friendly as it fits in any hand bag.

Sri Sri Ayurveda rose water is as runny as water but has pink color added to it. The first thing one notices on opening the seal is the strong fragrance of rose. It feels heavenly as it is an added fragrance. It stays till the last drop of the rose water is used up. Basically Sri Sri Ayurveda rose water can be used in four ways- cleansing, moisturising, toning and refreshing. As a cleanser if it is sprayed on the face and then after a minute, it is wiped off with cotton, it takes off the dirt and grime, unleashing a glowing complexion. As a toner it imparts light hydration and so as a moisturiser. At times when my skin feels dry owing to calamine or any matte lotion. I spray a little rose water over it. Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal moisturises lightly without hindering with the other layers of product. I have applied plus when used in face packs, it does not let the pack make the skin dry, stretchy.

However Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal works best as a skin refresher. Whether I am feeling dull or need to freshen up my makeup, this is the facial spray I need. Owing to its aroma and excellent spray, it does its job of awakening the skin perfectly. There is nothing to complain with regards to efficiency of the product. It as good as other rose waters in the market. However I find the quality of the spray the best ever due to which I love using it more often. Moreover I am happy I can reuse the bottle once it gets over for other DIY sprays too. Only con is that it has preservatives and added color to it. But that owing to the price and packaging, I prefer not to complain.

Overall Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal is a true delight at a small price, besides being provisioned in a perfect spray bottle, it refreshes, revitalized, cleanses and hydrates the skin with every use.

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Good about Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal

  • Refreshing rose water
  • Can be used as a facial mist or toner
  • Works fine as a cleanser
  • Hydrates as a light moisturiser
  • Helps to freshen up makeup
  • Can be added to face pack to avoid dryness
  • Reasonably priced
  • Excellent spray packaging
  • Easily available

Bad about Sri Sri Ayurveda Gulab Jal

  • Has added color which I think is unnecessary.
  • Contains preservatives like phenoxyethanol which is controversial as some studies consider it harmful

Availability: online or at Art of Living centre. Check their whole range at

Fashion and Beauty Rating: 4/5

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